Oogie Boogie-Make Your Own Life Size

Sorry, there has been almost two months since I posted. It has been crazy at work and sports at home so no time lately to work on posts. I still have been working on projects and now that I am getting some more time to post you should see some cool things coming soon ūüôā I had a lot of fun making this life-size¬†Oogie Boogie. ¬†It’s another piece to my nightmare before Christmas Halloween props. I made this one so you can wear it as a costume. I think one of these years I will wear it and give out treats to the kids in the neighbourhood. ¬†My plan is to make our front porch into Oogie Boogies lair black light and all! ¬†It’s a slow process to work piece by piece.

Make your own Life size Ooogie Boogie

Materials Needed- These are affiliate links for more info on affiliate links check out my disclosure.

  1. Burlap-I bought burlap sacks from Cal Ranch
  2. Wire
  3. Foam
  4. black fabric
  5. black marker
  6. needle and thread
  7. sewing machine
  8. Play bugs
  9. Black yarn
  10. PVC pipe 3/4
  11. 2 45 degrees 3/4 PVC pieces
  12. 2 90 degrees 3/4 PVC pieces
  13. 2 screw 3/4 PVC pieces
  14. 2-floor pipe holders these were the metal ones 3/4
  15. 3 X pieces 3/4 PVC
  16. 2 10ft pieces of PVC pipe you may not use all of it depending on how tall you make him.I bought a bunch of 2 ft pieces because of my small car

Making Oogie Boogies Head

The first thing you will need to do is get a piece of burlap I took a burlap bag turned it inside out and started towards the bottom middle. ¬†I mapped out where I wanted his mouth and eyes to go by pinching the burlap and eyeing where it would look good. Once I had it all mapped out I took some wire and covered it with black fabric and sewed around it.I think it would be best to use foam and push it through the foam. Make sure you fold the wire at the end you don’t want it poking you.

Now you can hand sew in the wire foam piece where you want it. I did separate pieces for the mouth top and bottom. Also, for both of the eyebrows.

Once your pieces are all in you can color the mouth and eyes in with a marker or if you really want it black you could put some black fabric in it and sew it in.  Keep in mind if you want to wear it as a costume you would want to leave room to breathe.

I also added wire covered with foam to the inside of the mask so it kept its shape.

The last thing I did was cut out the head and shape it. I had to add a little bit to the end of the head where it’s more tail like. ¬†I put it on my head and cut and tucked where needed.


Making Oogie Boogies Chest and Arms

The next step I did was the chest and arms piece. I took a burlap sack cut out the head hole and measured against my body where the arms should go. I don’t use patterns so it’s all my guesswork and comparing the pieces against one another.

Next, I took another burlap sack and decided how long the arms should go comparing the arm ends to the armholes. If you have never used a pattern before its helpful to see how armholes and arms are cut out.

I folded the head hole down and sew it. You do not want any raw burlap edges it falls apart easy and is itchy. I had to remove my clothes and wash them after sewing it all. It’s best to wear levis when working with burlap. I found this out the hard way ūüôā I also cut down the back of the neck to the middle-ish area of the back. I added velcro to make it easier to wear and also dress the PVC skeleton.

Last I added the arms and sewed the sides shut. *When sewing the arms shut I left holes and sew the edges so I had access for my hands to come out. You will only want to do this part if you want to maybe wear it for a costume. If you dont and wear it you are like a child trying to grab things with gloves on ūüôā

Oogie Boogie Legs and belly

On this part take the bottom edge of your chest piece and compare it to the top part of your leg pieces so it’s consistent¬†from top to bottom. I made sure the feet cutouts were big enough so I can wear my shoes. I had to cut this out in 4 pieces using the burlap sacks. ¬†If you are using just burlap you can probably do this in 2 pieces depending on how wide the burlap is.

Once you have it all cut out, sew the sides shut.

Leave holes in the bottom of the feet sewing the edges so it doesn’t fall apart. This is so you can slide the PVC pipe through it.

Optional-you can add on a black piece with bugs coming out. This is easier to do now then waiting for the chest piece to be added. You can also line the inside if you plan on wearing it. I lined the chest and some of the face so it wasn’t so itchy.

Now you will want to add the chest piece to the bottom piece sewing it all together.

Finishing Touches to Oogie Boogie

Now you will want to add the finishing touches. I hand sewn around the edges with black yarn doubled on the needle. With burlap, you have to do it double because it will pull through it if not.

Oogie Boogie PVC Body and Base


I took an old table and cut out a square piece with my circular saw. I added a piece of wood to the one end so it makes it a lifted platform. You can easily create this same platform by taking a sq piece of wood and adding wood underneath to lift it.  Make sure your piece is large enough so his legs can stick to the bottom.

Spray paint or paint base let dry.

PVC Skeleton

You can build the PVC skeleton from the base up. Just leave enough room between the legs for the PVC pieces.  Set the pipe floor holders down first I would wait to attach them until you have the body all set where you want. Next, add the screw in PVC piece. Then 2ft pieces next then the 90-degree angle piece. Now you will want to figure the spacing between the legs leaving room for the x piece. once you have cut the middle piece and attache to the X you can do the body piece which I did another 2ft piece. Added another x piece and added the chest pieces 45 Degree angle pieces and another 2 ft piece for each arm. now you can add on the neck piece and the last x piece.

Once you have it all set and space where you want you can attach the floor flanges to the base. Then assemble it from there. You will want to add the costume/prop piece on before you attach the hips and body. I would also put the arm in the costume before you attach it to the 45-degree angle piece.

The last thing you will want to do is add the head to the body I made it as sperate pieces so that it was easier to put on. I added safety pins to help hold it in place.

Finished Oogie Boogie

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Easy DIY: Giant Candy Cane

I wanted to amp up my Christmas decor so I decided to make some Giant candy canes made out of pool noodles for our front walkway. I don’t have a lot of Christmas decor so it was fun to make something simple and cute for our walkway. This is an easy DIY anyone can do. Children can help too just make sure they don’t¬†do the hot glue part ūüôā

Items Needed

Affiliate links are provided for your convenience, for more info on it check out my disclosure

  • Pool noodles with holes in the middle- I order Pool noodles¬† from Amazon even in red!
  • Holiday Fabric. I bought HO HO HO fabric from Joann’s Fabric store
  • Ribbon- I bought my ribbon from Wal-Mart. I bought Silver Glitter they are out of silver glitter but here is one like it and I¬†bought a red stripped one that is also out of stock online ūüôĀ
  • Here are some more¬†red ribbon and silver ribbon on amazon similar to what I bought


1.First, you will need to take the pool noodle and glue the ribbon to it I used measuring tape to make sure it was equally spaced.

You will want to make sure you use a long enough table or the floor for this step. The pool noodles are so long they get in the way if you don’t have proper space


2. Fold noodle down to the desired bend and tie fishing line around it to create the curve.I

I tied my fishing line in a circle then held the pool noodle in the curve and slipped it over the noodle.

Using the fishing line its hard to tell its there unless you look closely.

pool noodle candy cane

3. Put a dowel in the ground and place the pool noodle end over it.

If you are in a high wind area you will want to tie it down to the dowel They will move around in the wind.


Giant Candy Cane 

pool noodle giant candy cane

Optional you can add Christmas lights for extra flare at night.


Option 2

1.You can use fabric by cutting it out and making a tube to go around the pool noodle


2. Sew it inside out folded. Make sure you sew the one end completely shut and leave the opposite end open to slid the noodle in.

3.Then pull it back to the right side.


4. Slide the fabric over the pool noodle

candy-canes-6 candy-canes-5

5. Fold noodle down and tie fishing line around it to create the candy cane curve

pool noodle candy cane

6. Put a dowel in the ground and place pool noodle end over it


Option 3

Instead of using ribbon, you can use duct tape. They do have some creative design for duct tape nowadays. I didn’t¬†do this option if I had I would have shown you ūüôā

diy pool noodle candy canes