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Another Love this look for you! This is one of the rooms I fell in love with at the Utah Valley Parade of Homes.  Keep in mind this post contains affiliate links if you buy from my links I get a small commission at no cost to you. I have my disclosure here with a little more info. I can’t wait to share more looks of rooms like this with you. I am trying to do a few a month but working full time has made it a little difficult to do.  Make sure you follow me on Pinterest and Facebook to keep up on all the posts!

Love This Bedroom Look!

Loving this bedroom all around look. They have taken the flower pillows and matched it with the floral rug. Mixing the geometric pattern with flower pattern through the room with the mirrors nightstand and even the lamps. I love they used the gray in the fur pillow and the baby blue in the throw blanket to all work with the pink blanket. I haven’t found all the components this room. I have no idea what the lamps would be called and looked all over. I also had a hard time finding some same nightstands but the essence of the room is below of what I found. 

1.Black canopy Bed 2. 3 Drawer Night stand. 3. Square circle mirror. 4. Flower rug. 5. Light Pink Blanket.

6. Flower Pillow. 7. Geometric pillow. 8. Glass Lamp. 9. Furry Pillow. 10 Light blue throw.

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Make Your Own Genie Costume

My husband decided for Halloween he wanted to be a genie. So we found a similar idea but didn’t want to pay a lot for a costume. I decided I could make this genie costume for cheap. I think it cost me $15 total to make. That price includes the vest and spraypaint 🙂

This genie costume is a little inappropriate but it’s for an adult Halloween party so please don’t get offended its all in fun.

Step one:

Take a moving box and trace a lap shape on it handle included.genie2

Step Two:

Take a box cutter or scissors and cut out the shape. I left the handle attached at the back I didn’t cut it in half to make two whole pieces.


Step Three:

Tested it around your waist. Then cut and add cardboard in the front for the lamp shape. It’s best to tape this lengthwise. You might want to do a few small pieces width wise but short so the spray paint part doesn’t look weird like mine did. You will also want to tape the back part togeather.

genie5cardboard genie

Step Four:

After you get it all taped to your liking you will want to spray paint it. I used two different cans of spray paint  Krylon gold color and gold Rust-oleum sparkle spray.

Step Five:

Now you can add Rub Me!  If you are making this for a child forget to add the rub me 🙂 This can be a little dirty but for an adult party, it was perfect!genie7

Step Six:

Added wire and cotton balls to the end to create smoke coming out of the end. I used hot glue to attach the pulled apart cotton balls to the wire. Make sure you fold down the top of the wire you don’t want to poke someone’s eye out.


Final Genie Costume Look

To create the full look we bought a blue vest from the thrift store. I also bought some fake hair to attach to my husbands head. I attached the hair with liquid latex and it worked really well.

homemade genie costume


My husband had so much fun with this genie costume.

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