12 Presents For Boys Ages 7-10

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Have you ever been stumped on what to get a 7-10-year-old boy?  Where it’s getting close to my sons 8th birthday now I’m wondering what I should get him.  I starting trolling the internet and here is a list of 12 presents you can get your 7 to 10 year old. I think he would like a lot of these and a few he already has. With all the trends going on out there it’s hard to know what children are into these days. So below are the things I know my son has mentioned to me. I hope this helps you as much as it has me.

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12 Presents for Boys Ages 7 to 10

1.Heli ball– These are super fun to play with just watch that you don’t hit your face 🙂 My son got one of these for Christmas he has a fun time playing with it in the house and so do I!

2. Lego Dimensions-This is a fun game you go around trying to get missing people in different areas you build actual legos for the set. Before you can even start playing you have to build the portal and the guys in the kit.  You can also get level packs like ghostbusters. They do carry it on different platforms. I can even play it too lol!

3.Skylanders– This is fun for kids. My children even get along playing it. Also having lots of Skylanders guys help too! We don’t have this Skylanders yet we have the one before the Imaginators. My child won’t let me forget this is one he really really wants.

4.Starwars Legos– My kids can never have enough star wars ever at least that is what they think!

5.A stomp rocket– This would be fun for summer as long as you don’t loose it over the fence 🙂

6. The Lego Ideas Book– A book my boys would actually read!

7. Nerf guns -Who doesn’t love a Nerf War. Although you might want to get safety glasses. We actually have a safety glasses rule in our house. If someone isn’t wearing the safety glasses then you can’t shoot them. The nerf guns now days can cause some damage 🙂

8. An RC Quadcopter- We’ve never had one of these I heard they can be fun or hard to control

9.Razor Scooter-A scooter to get around the razor brand seems to last the longest. Although I think I will end up buying a few over the years kids are hard on outdoor toys.


10.-Dodge Tag-This looks like a fun game. This would be something to get them active and outside when it’s warm.


11.Ninjago book and character-Sorry with all the legos my kids just love them! This is a storybook and Ninjago lego guy. A lot of boys are into these legos. They have a TV show based on the ninjas that have different powers and fight off bad guys.


12. Minecraft game for a tablet or phone.  The game or any Minecraft toy works to fulfill the Minecraft want of a boy. My children love creating things on this game and you can get it for your game system it’s on different platforms. They also have battle mode where you can fight each other while creating things.

This game personally makes me motion sick but I have really bad motion sickness.

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