Oogie Boogie-Make Your Own Life Size

Sorry, there has been almost two months since I posted. It has been crazy at work and sports at home so no time lately to work on posts. I still have been working on projects and now that I am getting some more time to post you should see some cool things coming soon ūüôā I had a lot of fun making this life-size¬†Oogie Boogie. ¬†It’s another piece to my nightmare before Christmas Halloween props. I made this one so you can wear it as a costume. I think one of these years I will wear it and give out treats to the kids in the neighbourhood. ¬†My plan is to make our front porch into Oogie Boogies lair black light and all! ¬†It’s a slow process to work piece by piece.

Make your own Life size Ooogie Boogie

Materials Needed- These are affiliate links for more info on affiliate links check out my disclosure.

  1. Burlap-I bought burlap sacks from Cal Ranch
  2. Wire
  3. Foam
  4. black fabric
  5. black marker
  6. needle and thread
  7. sewing machine
  8. Play bugs
  9. Black yarn
  10. PVC pipe 3/4
  11. 2 45 degrees 3/4 PVC pieces
  12. 2 90 degrees 3/4 PVC pieces
  13. 2 screw 3/4 PVC pieces
  14. 2-floor pipe holders these were the metal ones 3/4
  15. 3 X pieces 3/4 PVC
  16. 2 10ft pieces of PVC pipe you may not use all of it depending on how tall you make him.I bought a bunch of 2 ft pieces because of my small car

Making Oogie Boogies Head

The first thing you will need to do is get a piece of burlap I took a burlap bag turned it inside out and started towards the bottom middle. ¬†I mapped out where I wanted his mouth and eyes to go by pinching the burlap and eyeing where it would look good. Once I had it all mapped out I took some wire and covered it with black fabric and sewed around it.I think it would be best to use foam and push it through the foam. Make sure you fold the wire at the end you don’t want it poking you.

Now you can hand sew in the wire foam piece where you want it. I did separate pieces for the mouth top and bottom. Also, for both of the eyebrows.

Once your pieces are all in you can color the mouth and eyes in with a marker or if you really want it black you could put some black fabric in it and sew it in.  Keep in mind if you want to wear it as a costume you would want to leave room to breathe.

I also added wire covered with foam to the inside of the mask so it kept its shape.

The last thing I did was cut out the head and shape it. I had to add a little bit to the end of the head where it’s more tail like. ¬†I put it on my head and cut and tucked where needed.


Making Oogie Boogies Chest and Arms

The next step I did was the chest and arms piece. I took a burlap sack cut out the head hole and measured against my body where the arms should go. I don’t use patterns so it’s all my guesswork and comparing the pieces against one another.

Next, I took another burlap sack and decided how long the arms should go comparing the arm ends to the armholes. If you have never used a pattern before its helpful to see how armholes and arms are cut out.

I folded the head hole down and sew it. You do not want any raw burlap edges it falls apart easy and is itchy. I had to remove my clothes and wash them after sewing it all. It’s best to wear levis when working with burlap. I found this out the hard way ūüôā I also cut down the back of the neck to the middle-ish area of the back. I added velcro to make it easier to wear and also dress the PVC skeleton.

Last I added the arms and sewed the sides shut. *When sewing the arms shut I left holes and sew the edges so I had access for my hands to come out. You will only want to do this part if you want to maybe wear it for a costume. If you dont and wear it you are like a child trying to grab things with gloves on ūüôā

Oogie Boogie Legs and belly

On this part take the bottom edge of your chest piece and compare it to the top part of your leg pieces so it’s consistent¬†from top to bottom. I made sure the feet cutouts were big enough so I can wear my shoes. I had to cut this out in 4 pieces using the burlap sacks. ¬†If you are using just burlap you can probably do this in 2 pieces depending on how wide the burlap is.

Once you have it all cut out, sew the sides shut.

Leave holes in the bottom of the feet sewing the edges so it doesn’t fall apart. This is so you can slide the PVC pipe through it.

Optional-you can add on a black piece with bugs coming out. This is easier to do now then waiting for the chest piece to be added. You can also line the inside if you plan on wearing it. I lined the chest and some of the face so it wasn’t so itchy.

Now you will want to add the chest piece to the bottom piece sewing it all together.

Finishing Touches to Oogie Boogie

Now you will want to add the finishing touches. I hand sewn around the edges with black yarn doubled on the needle. With burlap, you have to do it double because it will pull through it if not.

Oogie Boogie PVC Body and Base


I took an old table and cut out a square piece with my circular saw. I added a piece of wood to the one end so it makes it a lifted platform. You can easily create this same platform by taking a sq piece of wood and adding wood underneath to lift it.  Make sure your piece is large enough so his legs can stick to the bottom.

Spray paint or paint base let dry.

PVC Skeleton

You can build the PVC skeleton from the base up. Just leave enough room between the legs for the PVC pieces.  Set the pipe floor holders down first I would wait to attach them until you have the body all set where you want. Next, add the screw in PVC piece. Then 2ft pieces next then the 90-degree angle piece. Now you will want to figure the spacing between the legs leaving room for the x piece. once you have cut the middle piece and attache to the X you can do the body piece which I did another 2ft piece. Added another x piece and added the chest pieces 45 Degree angle pieces and another 2 ft piece for each arm. now you can add on the neck piece and the last x piece.

Once you have it all set and space where you want you can attach the floor flanges to the base. Then assemble it from there. You will want to add the costume/prop piece on before you attach the hips and body. I would also put the arm in the costume before you attach it to the 45-degree angle piece.

The last thing you will want to do is add the head to the body I made it as sperate pieces so that it was easier to put on. I added safety pins to help hold it in place.

Finished Oogie Boogie

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Love this look! Get this room!

Another Love this look for you! This is one of the rooms I fell in love with at the Utah Valley Parade of Homes. ¬†Keep in mind this post contains affiliate links if you buy from my links I get a small commission¬†at no cost to you. I have my disclosure here with a little more info. I can’t wait to share more looks of rooms like this with you. I am trying to do a few a month but working full time has made it a little difficult to do. ¬†Make sure you follow me on Pinterest and Facebook to keep up on all the posts!

Love This Bedroom Look!

Loving this bedroom all around look. They have taken the flower pillows and matched it with the floral rug. Mixing the geometric pattern with flower pattern through the room with the mirrors nightstand and even the lamps. I love they used the gray¬†in the fur pillow and the baby blue in the throw blanket to all work with the pink blanket. I haven’t¬†found all the components this room.¬†I have no idea what the lamps would be called and looked all over. I also had a hard time finding some same nightstands but the essence of the room is below of what I found.¬†

1.Black canopy Bed 2. 3 Drawer Night stand. 3. Square circle mirror. 4. Flower rug. 5. Light Pink Blanket.

6. Flower Pillow. 7. Geometric pillow. 8. Glass Lamp. 9. Furry Pillow. 10 Light blue throw.

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Replace Your Door Bell

Replace your door bell

So when we moved into our house our doorbell was one weak ding. When I mean one it was one ding no ding dong. So we missed the door until the dog starts barking lol. With good intentions of fixing it from the beginning we tried but never seemed to get to it. If I would of know how easy it was we would have done it so much soon

Replacing Our Door Bell

Replace your door bell

Turn Off Power

Please start by turning off the power to the doorbell we ended up flipping the breakers to find the right one. Testing the door bell for a ring before we proceeded.

Remove Door Bell From Wall

Take the cover off the bell from the wall. Take the wires that are connected to the bell off. Remove the screws and pull the bell off the wall. Now you will have the exposed wires hanging there.

Connect The Wires To The New Bell

There is a hole in the back of the bell we bought we had to put the wires through the hole turn the wires and pull through the front. This took me a min to get the wires to move to the side once put in the hole. ¬†Once the wires are through and to the front you can screw them down in the proper spots. By the way, we found our old one was hooked up wrong. We figure it was because it was broken and so they only had the ding not the dong going lol. The pictures below show the right way ūüôā

Now you can screw the door bell onto the wall

Connecting The Door Bell Button

This part was the most simple you unscrew the doorbell button from the house. Unscrew the wires from the back of it. Next, take the new one screw the wires to the back of it. Now you can screw it back on the house.

Turn Power Back On

Now that everything is all screwed in and connected you can turn the power back on. Test your door bell to make sure it’s working. If it doesn’t you will want to troubleshoot check wires, connections etc. ¬†You may even have to find the transformer and change it out.Finding the transformer¬†may not be an easy¬†feat we were lucky and didn’t need it. If you can’t find it call a professional to change it out. Ours was a simple fix but some may not be.

You can buy a new doorbell¬†here from my affiliate link. Keep in mind when you use my link I get a commission from your sale at no cost to you ūüôā So use my links silly!


Keep in mind I am not a professional. Please contact one if you have questions or concerns.




Life Struggles of The Working Mom

life struggles of the working mom

I have days where I feel like super mom and others where I just want to cry at my desk at work. Sometimes I really struggle to be a working mom. The option to be a stay at home mom has never really been an option. If we want a house, vehicles, travel I have to work so we can afford to do and have nice things. There are ways anyone could make it work and struggle but I’d rather let my kids have the option to do sports, have nice things, and do things I wasn’t able to do.

I grew up poor and was never able to do dance or sports, go on a nice vacation, go to movies, etc. Our clothes growing up were bought second-hand stores most of the time. New things were bought on sale at a cheap price. Don’t get me wrong I still love shopping at thrift stores and so do my children. Clearance is the first place I check for things but having an option to spend a little more on something new and nice is awesome. Here is a list of some of the things I struggle with and think most moms probably do.

life struggles of the working mom

Life Struggles of the Working Mom

  1. Summer vacation

    For a working mom it’s non-existent¬†my kids get to go to daycare while I am at work dealing with crazy people. ¬†Watching other moms go to local events that are only during the day. Our city does an education type thing at the local library. Guess who can’t go at noon to an event because I work till 3:30 every day?

  2. Daycare

    Making sure your kids are being taken care of while you are at work is always a worry. We had an amazing babysitter when my kids were younger but she had to move far away. Trust me if she would have stayed or moved closer to my work I would of went with her. I cried the day she told me she had to quit because they were moving.  Then we had a sweet Spanish lady watch our boys she was clean and nice and fed the kids well. They had a hard time being there because they were the only ones with occasionally her grandkids.

    They are now at a big daycare center which is good for social aspect learning. It was just hard to go to the big center because I felt they didn’t have as much one on one time. I do feel a little different about it now the ladies that work they are so good with my boys and they¬†love all the friends they make. It’s always hard to know if your kids are being well taken care of with a babysitter you hear of horror stories all the time and it freaks you out.

  3. Playdates

    Um unless you want to do a playdate between 4 and 5 they don’t happen at our house. I’m a lucky one and get home by 4:15 every day but we also leave at 6 am. It’s hard to see other friends with or without kids hanging out enjoying the day with each other.

  4. PTA

    Nope couldn’t¬†even if I wanted to because guess what time the meetings are at? 10 am on a work day. I can’t go to work 30 mins away for a few hours, drive 30 mins to school, then 30 mins back to work. It would end up being 2 and a half hours gone for 1 meeting.

  5. Things Break in your house

    So when your garage door breaks and they are like we can come out today at 12 can you do that? Huh well, I work so let’s schedule it 2 to 3 weeks out when my husband has a weekday off. In the mean time, I am dragging kids and myself through the front door with all our crap.

  6. Sick Kids-

    If we have a sick kid both my husband and I have to decide who has to miss work usually it’s me so it kills my PTO fast. Normally I am lucky to have 5 days of 15 days for actual fun or to do PTO.

    You get called from school or daycare with your kid is sick so it takes you 40 mins to get home and your poor kid has to suffer at school/daycare until you get there.

  7. Daycare Closed-

    You have to take PTO because who else can watch your kids when everyone you know works.

  8. Summer camp

    Unless it’s done by daycare my kids don’t go to summer camp because it starts usually at 8 am or later and is over with by 3 pm while my works hours are 7 am to 3:30 pm ūüôĀ

  9. Helping in Class

    When you child wants you to come and help in class because all the other moms do. You have to decline or just send store bought crap because you can’t even if you wanted to.

  10. Presentations and programs

    When you can make it, it’s usually to the program. When our children do presentations I usually just sent them with a good luck you will do good. Although working for a tech company I do have the skills to make some cool slideshows so they maybe a little better if the teacher allows it ūüôā

  11. Feeling like you can’t relax-

    After working a full day I just want to come home and clear my head. Honestly most days I don’t feel like I can. As soon as I walk in the door the dirty dishes, clothes, floors, animals are all staring me in the eyes. So going and just enjoying a show is hard because I need to clean up the house or my kids need mommy loves etc. When we have sports it’s straight to the stove to cook dinner before we go. Most of the time when we are doing sports I am not even prepared for dinner so we end up eating out. We eat out maybe more than we should because I just don’t have time.

  12. Free Things 

    Places give away free things like a¬†free slurpy, free entree, etc. Now if you wake up early enough you might be able to grab one if they are open. Going on a quick break wouldn’t work because the lines would be way too long. Once you get off work get kids etc you are usually too late and they are sold out. I wished I could just go whenever it not be too busy and get a free thing but life doesn’t work that way. We tried to get the free slurpy on slurpy day and missed it they had stopped giving them away. Dang ūüôĀ

While I struggle with all these things sometimes being a working mom is well worth it. My children get to have interactions with other children their own age at daycare. I get to socialize and use my intellect at work. Cool vacations are a must every few years. We have a nice house and some nice belongings. My children seem pretty happy for the most part. Yes, I do hear them complain about having to go to daycare, school, etc but who doesn’t. Sometimes I don’t want to go to work but I have to.

I know the other end of this stay at home moms have their own struggles and I have read a lot of articles on it so I feel you. Things aren’t always greener on the other side!

Who doesn’t wish I could do a little more for my children, home, pets but there is a limit to how much we can do. It’s hard to find the perfect balance of work and play. From the outside, it may seem like I’ve got it all figured out but I promise I don’t.


How to Install a Cheap Easy Board and Batten

So this project has taken a little bit of time more than most projects I have done in the past.  In this post, I am going to show you how my husband and I installed our board and batten as cheap and as easy as we could. I am loving every day that goes by how pretty it looks. When I decided I wanted to get this late last year I prepped our wall when I painted it so it was ready for the boards. The way I did this is different then getting the actual boards for a true board and batten look. I used MDF Preprimed boards they were 49 inches long and 3 1/2 inches wide.

Installing your Board and Batten

Fill any holes

This is your chance to fill any holes you have in the wall or any dings. We have removed a security system from our wall and had to fix a small hole. We also filled in the dings in the wall from kids and our crazy cat that attacks our walls lol. I swear she gets so wound up and then leaves marks on our walls.

Prep With White Paint

To get started you will want to paint the bottom half of your walls where the white will be. I measure up the wall when I painted it to the point where the top board would lay. Then I masked it off painting the bottom of the wall white and the top the grey-blue. ¬†When I pulled the masking tape off the wall I had a line marking where the top board will go. This was left for months. When I painted the wall last fall it started snowing and raining a lot. With MDF Board you don’t want it to get wet or have too much moisture¬†it will ruin the boards completely. So after like 6 months of bad weather we finally had a weekday we could run over and get the boards to start the project.



Our baseboards a the regular thin baseboards. I wanted to beef up our baseboards and also have a flat area to stick the boards on. We decided to buy trim and use it for the baseboards it was .84 cents a foot so not bad. Although we found with the cheaper trim it did fall apart easier if you put the nail in the wrong spot.

Getting regular baseboards can get expensive and right now nothing is wrong with our current ones so getting the trim was the better option for us.If you do get baseboards get ones with a flat top that the boards can easily fit on.

We took the trim and a board to space the baseboard and trim. Next, Nail the boards down with the nail gun keeping it flat. Please use a level to keep everything straight. If you get one board off it can mess up the whole thing so keep that in mind. We were always measuring to make sure it stayed right.

Top boards

Once we did the baseboards and cut the corners a hundred times we were finally ready for the top boards. We measured out everything on spacing and realized the boards needed to be placed at 49 1/4 inches from the top of our baseboard trim.

Placing the top ledge piece to the side of the top board. After our experience on our test wall in the hall, we realized we needed to place the top ledge piece on first before we stuck it on the wall. Last time we had placed the top piece on the wall then tried to nail the top ledge to it while on the wall. We first found out that the nail gun was too fat to fit in the little space and the nails wouldn’t go all the way down. we were forced to hammer the nails into the board which then scuffed the walls then I was forced to paint the wall to get the marks gone ūüôĀ

The way we put the piece on was one of us held the two boards so the were both flat on the back side that goes to the wall. The other person nailed the ledge down to the side of the top board. ¬†Just be careful at this point you don’t do it too close to either edge of the top board piece nails can end up ruining the board then you have to start over ūüôĀ

Verticle boards

We had to decide how far away from the corner to start the first board. Once we did that then we measured 16 inches between boards to make this easy we used the level to keep the spacing. Our¬†level was 16 inches long so we would measure the top spacing, middle, and bottom to keep everything 16 inches apart. It just so happens on our last board the level fell and broke ūüôĀ So now we need to buy a new level. I never thought we would use our level as much as we had. If it was on a required¬†list of tools it would probably be on our top ten list with a hammer and screwdrivers.

How long we cut our boards

So we had previously done board and batten in our hallway. We called it our test wall! We wanted to make sure we could actually do the board and batten without it looking horrible. My husband and I are fairly new to the DIYing. Our last house we really didn’t do much other than things that had to be done. I think we replaced the toilet seal, upgraded some pipes, lawn care, and gutter repair in almost 10 years we lived there. Our new house we are constantly updating to the look and feel to make it more us.

Ok ok so enough on our test wall. After measuring it we had to cut all our boards to just under 49 1/4 inches long.

Filling Holes

So once all the boards are up you will need to go and fill in all your nail holes. I used spackle to fill in my holes. I fill in the hole and take a wet sponge and then wiped off the excess.

Ready For Paint

Now you can paint! I painted the baseboard and trim first then painted the top piece and the edge. Then painted in each square around the edge. You will then want to take a mini roller and roll the paint in the middle of each square and paint the verticle boards.


The last thing you will want to do is fill the holes lines etc with caulking this gives it a clean seamless look to the boards. I still need to do this but it will get done you can’t skip this step.

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience, for more info on affiliate links visit my disclosure page.

Things you will need

Your MDF Board or lumber of choice


Finished Look!


Please note while I do DIY and tutorials I am by no means a professional please read through each post carefully and consult a professional when needed.  I will not be responsible for injuries or damages while following a tutorial from my site. All tutorials are done at your own risk. Please be safe and smart while doing projects

Utah Valley Parade of Homes 2017

Here is a list of the houses we saw this year with the parade of homes this is more of an index of the houses, builders, specs etc. We did not visit all 30 of them so this is the 16 we saw. Now if I ever got paid to do something like this I would gladly go and do all 30 ūüôā One can only dream right! I’m going to be doing future love this look posts so keep an eye out for them. There were so many neat things each house had that I loved. I may have been a little obsessed with light fixtures this year.

My Real Estate Agent gave us the parade of homes tickets she had in a giveaway. If anyone is out there looking for a Utah County Real Estate agent you can’t go wrong with Angie Fisher she is an amazing agent!

Parade of Homes 2017

House 1

Laurel Home located in woodland hills

Builder split rock fine homes

Subcontractors: Bedrock Quartz, Bullfrog Spas, Burton Lumber, cutting edge closets, Hamilton Park Interiors, High Mountain Timbers, Honey Bucket, Jones Paint & Glass, Overhead doors of Utah Valley, Pella Windows and Doors, Premier Building Supply, Robertson Cabinets, Stone Mountain Castings & Design, Ted Hone Excavating,

House 2

Baneberry Home in Woodland Hills

Builder is Split Rock Fine Homes

Subcontractors: Bedrock Quartz, Bullfrog Spas, Burton Lumber, Cutting Edge Closets, Ferran Building Systems, Hamilton Park Interiors, High Mountain Timbers, Honey Bucket, Jones Paint & Glass, OverHead Door of Utah Valley, Pella Windows & Doors, Premier Building Supply, Robertson Cabinets, Stone Mountain Castings & Design


House 3

Kate Home in Mapleton

Builder is Arive Homes

Subcontractors: A Company, Acute Engineering, Andersen Windows & Doors, Creative Granite & Design, GE, Maple Landing Cabinets, Mountain Land Design, Overhead Door of Utah Valley, Premier Building Supply, RB Construction, Stonehenge Fence, Sunroc Building Materials, USI All Purpose Windows & Doors, Wasatch Truss

House 4

Chateau Blanc Located in Mapleton

Builder is  Brinkerhoff Custom Construction

Subcontractors: BMC West, Burton Lumber, Carbide Construction, Construct Builders, Ferran Building Systems, Hansen All-Season, Hardware Essentials, Inouye Design, J&S Intermountain¬†Siding & Home Improvement dba Holliman Siding & Home Improvement, Lighting Specialist, Maple Mtn Fireplace, Mountain Land Design, Pella Widows & Doors, Reed’s Built-Ins, Rose Concrete Coatings, S&J Cabinets, Stiner Painting, Sunroc Building Materials, The Stone Shop, Zions Bank.

House 5

Legacy Dream Located in Orem

E & L Custom Homes

Subcontractors: ABC Supply Co, Alside Supply, Burton Lumber, Central Bank, Hearth & Home, Osmond Designs, Overhead Door of Utah Valley, Page Drafting & Design, RC Wiley, USI All Purpose Windows & Door.


House 6

Eight located in Orem

Builder is Sweetwater Homes

Subcontractors: A Company, BMC West, Central Bank, Contractor Resource, Creative Granite & Design, Galaxie Lighting, Hanson All Seasons, Hearth & Home, Kyco Services, Mountian Land Design, Natalie Mies Design, Quality Craft.

House 7

The Box Elder Residence Located in Alpine

Builder is Concept Builders LLC

Subcontractors: Bedrock Quartz, BMC West, Builders First Source, C&C Mechanical, Castle Rock Interior Solutions, Clegg Steel, Columbia Millworks, Construct bulders, Cutting Edge Closets, General Construction & Development, Harris Architecture, Ivy Interiors, KB Design, LEI Consulting Engineers & Surveyors, Lighting Specialist, Mountain Land Design, Mountainland Supply, Premier Building Supply, Prime 3 Windows, Rose Concrete Coatings, S&J Cabinets, Smith Hardware & Glass, Sparky Boys Electric.


House 8

Mezza Located in Alpine

Builder is Raykon Construction

Subcontractors: Anderson Windows & Doors, BMC West, Columbia Millworks, Design by Craig Veenker, Dunrite Playgrounds, Galaxie Lighting, Hearth & Home, Honey Bucket, J&S Intermountain Siding & Home Improvement dba Holliman Siding & Home Improvement, JAB Marble & Granite, Jones Paint & Glass, Kodiak Bulders, Landforms Design, Maple Mtn Fireplace, Mountainland Designs, National Flooring Brokers, Overhead door of Utah Valley, Rose Concrete Coatings, Smith Hardware & Glass, Taylor Masonry, Teresa Adams Designs, Tile Solutions, The Stone Shop, Zions Bank.

House 9

Deer Crest Circle Located in Alpine

Builder is Raykon Construction

Subcontractors: BMC West, Builders First Source, Columbia Millworks, Craig Kitterman & Associates Architects, DBD Plumbing, Ferran Building Systems, Galaxie Lighting, Hansens All Seasons, Hearth & Home, Honey Bucket, J&S Intermountain Siding & Home Improvement dba Holliman Siding & Home Improvement, JAB Marble & Granite, Kodiak Builders, Liv Designs Collective, Lowry Doors, Maple Mtn Fireplace, Mountain Land Designs, Mountainland Supply, National Flooring & Brokers, Overhead Door of Utah Valley, Pella Windows & Doors, Rose Concrete Coatings, Smith Hardware & Glass, Sparky Boys Electic, Stone Mountain Castings & Design, Taylor Masonry, Zions Bank.

House 10

The Josephine Located In Highland

Builder is Emerald Homes

Subcontractors: ABC Supply Co, Acute Engineering, Anderson Windows & Doors, BMC West, Emerald Homes, Hearth & Home, High Country Constructions & Painting, Kyco Sevices, Lighting Design Company, Mr. Carpet, Premier Building Supply, Staker Parson Companies.

House 11

Old World Chateau located in Highland

Builder is Titan Construction

Subcontractors: Big Fish Automation, BMC West, Central Bank, Epic Painting, Geneva Rock, Hansen All Seasons, Hardware Essentials, Hearth & Home, Honey Bucket, Inouye Designs, JAB Marble & Granite, Mountian Land Design, Pinnacle Garage Doors, Rocky Mountain Window & Door.

House 12

The Evanson Located in Lehi

Builder is Timber Creek Construction

Subcontractors: All Star Garage Doors, Bedrock Quartz, BMC West, C&R Stone World, Five Star Building Materials, Geneva Rock, Honey Bucket, Jones Paint & Glass, K-Tech Plumbing, Maple Mtn Fireplace, Mountian Land Designs, Osmond Designs, Rockwell LLC, Rock Mountain Window & Door, Steiner Painting, Sunroc Building Materials, Whitewater.

House 13

Calders Cottages located in Pleasant Grove

Builder is Hatfield Homes

Subcontractors: A Company, ABC Supply Co, Alpha Interiors, Builders First Source, Central Bank, Clydeco Building Supplies, Columbia Millworks, Hearth & Home, Jones Mechanical, Pella Windows and Doors, Staker Parson Companies, SW Morgan Fine Home Design, Trash Unlimited.

House 14

Cascade Estate located in Orem

Davies Design Build

Subcontractors: All Star Garage, BMC West, Builders First Source, Castle Rock Interior Solutions, C&C Mechanical, Columbia Millworks, Harris architecture, Mountain Land Design, Premier Building Supply, Redwood Engineering, S&J Cabinets, Smith Hardware & Glass, The Stone Shop, Tri-Tex Construction Group.

House 15

The Remodel 1989-2017 located in Provo

Builder is European Company Inc.

Subcontractors: Four Chairs Funiture, Gardiner’s Concreate Coatings, Mountain Land Kitchen & Bath.

House 16

Evolution located in Orem

Builder is Ezra Lee Design + Build

Subcontractors: CIC Foundations, Columbia Millworks, Decorative landscaping, Ferran Building Systems, Five Star Building Products, Hearth & Home, J&S Intermountain Siding & Home Improvement dba Holliman Siding & Home Improvement, Jeske Glass, Jones Mechanical Marwood Designs, Mountain Land Designs, National Flooring Brokers, Pella Windows & Doors, Rose Concrete Coatings, Sunroc Building Materials, The Stone Shop, Zions Bank.

Keep in mind this is an index for future posts. I will be doing some love this look and idea pages in the future.

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3 in 1 Outdoor Game Golf, Bean Bag, and Football

We are having so much fun at our house lately. Winter blues have finally passed now its time to have a blast! So I wanted a fun game we could take camping with us. I have seen the toss game, a golf game etc. I thought Why can’t I make a fun game that could do all 3. So I came up with this 3 in 1 outdoor game that incorporates¬†them all. With a few simple moves of a hinge, you are ready for the next game. ¬†Read below on how to make this 3 in 1 outdoor game. I made two boards for this post you could make one and be fine to play all the games. You would only need to do 2 peice of mdf board instead of 3

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. For more details on affiliate links please see my disclosure.

Items you will need


Making your 3 in 1 Outdoor Game 

Cut Down MDF/Wood Board

So you will want to get one board of MDF and cut off the end I cut off about 11 inches and felt that was a good place for my middle board to be. If you want yours longer or shorter adjust to your liking. At first, I used my circular saw and it was ok but I had troubles it was my first time using it. I ended up ¬†I used a jigsaw to cut my piece off it wasn’t super straight but I don’t¬†have a table saw believe me it’s to-get list. So I had to sand down the end of my board to make it flatter.

Place and Cut Out Circles

You will want to place and cut out your circle. I used plates to help with the sizes it helped get the circle I was looking for with not much effort ūüôā The plates I used is the smaller cake plate and a larger regular plate.I just eyeballed the placement but you can measure if you want to get it just right. Once your circles are in place take a pencil and draw on your circle to the board. ¬†Now you can cut out the circle.

Cutting out the Circles

First, make sure your board is propped up I used my saw horses to hold my boards.I took a drill bit and cut a hole in the middle of the circle. Then I took my hole cutting attachment¬†piece and cut a big hole out of the middle of each circle. Next, I took my jigsaw and cut from the middle to the edge of the drawn circle I cut it 3 times from middle to edge close togeather so I could put the jigsaw in just right. Now you will want to follow the outline of the circle with your jigsaw to cut out the circle. I tried to stay in the line but my holes aren’t perfect ūüôā They work for what I need I’ll get better with the time that’s all that counts right!

Also, watch your feet once the circle is cut out it will fall out onto the ground. Sand your holes so they are smooth you don’t want to reach into a pokey hole. I used 220 grit sandpaper. You do have to hand sand the holes I tried to do it with my orbital sander it was a no go ūüôĀ Times this by 2 if you want to have a back and forth game. You could easily just make one board and play on it too.

Cutting Your Ends

Take your 3rd board and cut it into 4 pieces I cut mine at 12 inches apart.(this would be for 2 game boards for the 4 pieces) This is for the ends that are attached with hinges. 2 for each game board.


Attaching your Hinges

Now you can attach your hinges. You will need 8 hinges 4 for each game board. The hinges I bought the screws ended up being too long so I bought 1 inch nut and bolts to go through it. They poke out but it keeps the board sturdy like you need. ¬†Also when attaching your hinges make sure you are able to have it open at an angle or it won’t work that well. I marked and predrilled the hole then put in the nut and bolts to attach the hinges to the board. Make sure you put your hinges on right too. I kept testing mine so they would fold in nice when you put it up.

Adding mesh

I added mesh to the circle so when you throw something into it, you don’t lose it behind the board somewhere. Plus if you have ever been camping by a hill you know that things tend to go down the hill and I don’t want to keep climbing up and down like crazy. You will take the laundry mesh bag and cut it in half. Sew the ¬†end shut on the one peice

You will take the laundry mesh bag and cut it in half. Sew the  end shut on the one peice

Take the staple gun and staple the edge of the mesh as I went on the wider mesh bags I folded and stapled so it would fit. I’m not a perfectionist on these types of things so if you wanted you could make the bag to fit well and you wouldn’t have to fold it as you staple.

Decorating your boards

I added fake grass to my boards I bought a big thing of fake grass the type you can take camping and put out.  You could also spray paint it, paint it, sticker it, tape it, etc to make it your own. If you used fake grass cut it out before you add the mesh. I cut it to fit the board then lay it on top of the board and cut it out with a razor blade box cutter.

Adding the fake grass I cut out and nail glued it to the board I also stapled it to the board

Adding Velcro

You might want to add velcro to keep your sides from falling one way or the other when carrying it.  I added my velcro to the back of the pieces and back of the board. I used a fatter piece and cut it down the middle.

Making your Bean  Bags

Take a piece of fabric and cut out squares I cut out 6 in by 6 in squares. I cut out 6 total. I used Batman fabric for all of my bags. You may want to do 3 of one color and 3 of another color. I know my boys wouldn’t be happy if one was Batman and one was a plain color since I don’t have other cute fabric ūüôā

After you have the squares cut out you will sew it inside out all around the edges except a little bit.

Now you will want to flip it inside out so the right side is out. then fill it halfway full with beans.

Fold in the edges of the open part and sew shut.

How to play 3 in 1 outdoor game


How We Play Golf Chip Game 

So the golf chip game you will lay the board down and pop it up on one side. This is where you can switch it up and pop up either side to make it more or less difficult. You can make up your own points if you want. We do 5 points for the small ones and 3 points for the big one up to 25 points.


How We Play Bean Bag Game

Prop up one end of the board just like the golf game. Take 4 bean bags per person taking turns the first to 50 points wins! 3 points for big one hole and 5 points for small holes. you could also prop up the board with both sides up and toss it in that way too. This goes for the golf game too.

How We Play Football Toss Game

Take the board and set it on its side with both ends holding it up. We use a table to put the board on then toss the football into the holes. I would use a smaller football to toss. We did our points as 100 for the large hole and 300 points for the small holes. The first one to 1000 wins. My boys love throwing balls so this game was so fun for them.

If you choose to make this please reference back to my site to give me credit for the idea.

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7 Reasons Why I love Being a Mom of Boys

mom of boys

I love being a mom of boys. Below is 7 of 100 ‘s of reasons why I love it. I always thought I would love having a daughter but after having boys I’d never trade it for anything. ¬†My boys are my everything!

 Mom of Boys 7 reasons why I love them!

Never Dull

Life is never dull with my boys it can be dead silent and one of them farts or says something funny. You learn to laugh even though its poop, fart, pee all the TIME! The other day my oldest came running in the house half crying saying his brother peed¬†on him. I was half laughing as he turned around and he had pee all the way down his back. I asked him what happened and he said my brother said he was going to pee and he would pee on me if I didn’t move. We’ll we know what happened! Let’s just say he was tossed into the tub right away.

Full of love

You can spend all day telling them to stop touching each other and fighting but at the end of the day we always have cuddles and watch a show or talk about our day. My boys always love when I hug them, hold them, kiss them and tickle them. Usually, the end of the day is the best for this.


We love going on adventures like hiking to an area in the woods, digging holes in the dirt, riding 4 wheelers, going to soccer games, playing in the water. ¬†Boys are carefree and you can get dirty clothes most of the time not ruining them. Just no white shirts please they look the worst before any other color. ¬†Usually, my boy’s clothes have dirt and holes in them at all times as a mom you just learn to deal with it.


It’s so easy to get them clothes most clothes match and aren’t too expensive. Unless its plaid on¬†aplaid my son tried to mix plaid shorts and a plaid shirt the one day I was like wow buddy you need to change one or the other it’s too much! Picture green larger plaid shorts and blue smaller plaid shirt it was like looking in a kaleidoscope.


They are so fun we can just go out in the back yard and play games any game really. They love to move around and let energy out. Which helps me stay active when I play with them outside. I don’t know if other boys are like my boys but when we play video games (xbox) we stand holding our controller and jumping around.

Love learning

My boys love to learn new things constantly so if we can use our hands to make something creative they love it. We have fun making dinner, creating fun little games, airplanes, slime, drawing, painting, etc. Educational tv, my kids love learning about dinosaurs, mysteries at the museum, magic, super why, etc.

My oldest can’t wait to start learning how to play an instrument¬†and learn a new language I kind of want to do it with him too. I encourage learning in our house and love they¬†love it too.


Oh, what mommy doesn’t¬†love to go and watch your son play sports. I love to cheer on my little guys it makes me so proud to see them having fun and learning teamwork while they do. Also, seeing them smile and look for you when they make the goal or get an awesome shot.¬†It makes me so proud to see them excelling and learning new things.

I hope everyone that is a mom of boys can enjoy this post. I would probably gloat if I was a mom of girls too! I am not so I have no idea what its like to have a daughter I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy my boys.