Oogie Boogie Foam Dice

I think this was one of the most fun things I have created from foam so far. I bought some yellow foam dice from the dollar store and carved from there. These are the steps I took to create the Oogie Boogie Dice.

Oogie Boogie Dice

Items needed

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  1. Foam Dice
  2. Dremel Tool
  3. Pencil
  4. x-acto knife
  5. Paint Red and Black

Outline Cut Out

I took a pencil and drew out the skulls for each square. I used this template to get each square just right. The first one I tried to use just the x-acto knife to cut it all out. Found the holes were really wonky and it didn’t work right. My husband then came up with the brilliant idea of using a Dremel tool. Since we have one and a big set of attachments. My thought was why didn’t I think of that duh! It went a lot smoother once I used it.  I found using the x-acto knife to cut around the circles first before using the Dremel helped keep me in the lines.

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Paint The Oogie Boogie Dice

The last step is painting the Oogie Boogie dice. You will want to paint the holes black and the other parts red. If you look at this diagram it helps.  At least this is how I did mine 🙂

A Game My Son Created

My son decided to create a game out of it. It’s kind of similar to Oogie Boogie when the dice land on snake eyes with Santa 🙂

The rules

Take one dice and roll for each person. If it lands on anything but 2 you are safe. If it lands on 2 you are out. The last person to make it not landing on 2 wins!

Final Look of Oogie Boogie Dice

Oogie Boogie-Make Your Own Life Size

Sorry, there has been almost two months since I posted. It has been crazy at work and sports at home so no time lately to work on posts. I still have been working on projects and now that I am getting some more time to post you should see some cool things coming soon 🙂 I had a lot of fun making this life-size Oogie Boogie.  It’s another piece to my nightmare before Christmas Halloween props. I made this one so you can wear it as a costume. I think one of these years I will wear it and give out treats to the kids in the neighbourhood.  My plan is to make our front porch into Oogie Boogies lair black light and all!  It’s a slow process to work piece by piece.

Make your own Life size Ooogie Boogie

Materials Needed- These are affiliate links for more info on affiliate links check out my disclosure.

  1. Burlap-I bought burlap sacks from Cal Ranch
  2. Wire
  3. Foam
  4. black fabric
  5. black marker
  6. needle and thread
  7. sewing machine
  8. Play bugs
  9. Black yarn
  10. PVC pipe 3/4
  11. 2 45 degrees 3/4 PVC pieces
  12. 2 90 degrees 3/4 PVC pieces
  13. 2 screw 3/4 PVC pieces
  14. 2-floor pipe holders these were the metal ones 3/4
  15. 3 X pieces 3/4 PVC
  16. 2 10ft pieces of PVC pipe you may not use all of it depending on how tall you make him.I bought a bunch of 2 ft pieces because of my small car

Making Oogie Boogies Head

The first thing you will need to do is get a piece of burlap I took a burlap bag turned it inside out and started towards the bottom middle.  I mapped out where I wanted his mouth and eyes to go by pinching the burlap and eyeing where it would look good. Once I had it all mapped out I took some wire and covered it with black fabric and sewed around it.I think it would be best to use foam and push it through the foam. Make sure you fold the wire at the end you don’t want it poking you.

Now you can hand sew in the wire foam piece where you want it. I did separate pieces for the mouth top and bottom. Also, for both of the eyebrows.

Once your pieces are all in you can color the mouth and eyes in with a marker or if you really want it black you could put some black fabric in it and sew it in.  Keep in mind if you want to wear it as a costume you would want to leave room to breathe.

I also added wire covered with foam to the inside of the mask so it kept its shape.

The last thing I did was cut out the head and shape it. I had to add a little bit to the end of the head where it’s more tail like.  I put it on my head and cut and tucked where needed.


Making Oogie Boogies Chest and Arms

The next step I did was the chest and arms piece. I took a burlap sack cut out the head hole and measured against my body where the arms should go. I don’t use patterns so it’s all my guesswork and comparing the pieces against one another.

Next, I took another burlap sack and decided how long the arms should go comparing the arm ends to the armholes. If you have never used a pattern before its helpful to see how armholes and arms are cut out.

I folded the head hole down and sew it. You do not want any raw burlap edges it falls apart easy and is itchy. I had to remove my clothes and wash them after sewing it all. It’s best to wear levis when working with burlap. I found this out the hard way 🙂 I also cut down the back of the neck to the middle-ish area of the back. I added velcro to make it easier to wear and also dress the PVC skeleton.

Last I added the arms and sewed the sides shut. *When sewing the arms shut I left holes and sew the edges so I had access for my hands to come out. You will only want to do this part if you want to maybe wear it for a costume. If you dont and wear it you are like a child trying to grab things with gloves on 🙂

Oogie Boogie Legs and belly

On this part take the bottom edge of your chest piece and compare it to the top part of your leg pieces so it’s consistent from top to bottom. I made sure the feet cutouts were big enough so I can wear my shoes. I had to cut this out in 4 pieces using the burlap sacks.  If you are using just burlap you can probably do this in 2 pieces depending on how wide the burlap is.

Once you have it all cut out, sew the sides shut.

Leave holes in the bottom of the feet sewing the edges so it doesn’t fall apart. This is so you can slide the PVC pipe through it.

Optional-you can add on a black piece with bugs coming out. This is easier to do now then waiting for the chest piece to be added. You can also line the inside if you plan on wearing it. I lined the chest and some of the face so it wasn’t so itchy.

Now you will want to add the chest piece to the bottom piece sewing it all together.

Finishing Touches to Oogie Boogie

Now you will want to add the finishing touches. I hand sewn around the edges with black yarn doubled on the needle. With burlap, you have to do it double because it will pull through it if not.

Oogie Boogie PVC Body and Base


I took an old table and cut out a square piece with my circular saw. I added a piece of wood to the one end so it makes it a lifted platform. You can easily create this same platform by taking a sq piece of wood and adding wood underneath to lift it.  Make sure your piece is large enough so his legs can stick to the bottom.

Spray paint or paint base let dry.

PVC Skeleton

You can build the PVC skeleton from the base up. Just leave enough room between the legs for the PVC pieces.  Set the pipe floor holders down first I would wait to attach them until you have the body all set where you want. Next, add the screw in PVC piece. Then 2ft pieces next then the 90-degree angle piece. Now you will want to figure the spacing between the legs leaving room for the x piece. once you have cut the middle piece and attache to the X you can do the body piece which I did another 2ft piece. Added another x piece and added the chest pieces 45 Degree angle pieces and another 2 ft piece for each arm. now you can add on the neck piece and the last x piece.

Once you have it all set and space where you want you can attach the floor flanges to the base. Then assemble it from there. You will want to add the costume/prop piece on before you attach the hips and body. I would also put the arm in the costume before you attach it to the 45-degree angle piece.

The last thing you will want to do is add the head to the body I made it as sperate pieces so that it was easier to put on. I added safety pins to help hold it in place.

Finished Oogie Boogie

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Create-Cheap Beauty and The Beast Flower Dome

So I wanted to do a girl post since most of my post have to deal with boys. I created a Beauty and The Beast flower dome. It’s super simple and would be great for a Beauty and The Beast birthday party. It could also be used for a Beauty and The Beast film party 🙂 Beauty and The Beast is one of my all-time favorite movies and I just had to create something 🙂

So here are the steps to create your own cheap flower dome. I made this Dome using a 2-liter soda bottle, dollar store flowers, fishing line, ribbon, and glass circles.

Step One

Cut the bottom of the 2-liter soda bottle. I used a Barq’s rootbeer bottle it was the fanciest I could find.

Step Two

Remove the label from the 2-liter. Then you will want to remove the stickiness from the bottle. I used Goo Gone to remove the stickiness.

Step Three

Take off the lid and the plastic piece that seals the lid onto the bottle.

Step Four

Cut one rose off the flower piece. Now you will need to attach fishing line around the rose. Then take the other end of the fishing line and put it through the top of the lid. Now you can hot glue the fishing line to the outside of the bottle. Your rose should be suspended in the bottle.

Step Five

Take two pieces of the glass circle and glue them togeather. Next, you will need to glue it to the top of the bottle where the lid once was.  Now you can take the ribbon and glue it below the glass to hide the threads for the lid.

Finish Beauty and The Beast Flower Dome

Youtube Video on How to Create Your Own Beauty and The Beast Flower Dome


Build Your Own BB8 Droid From Paper Mache

Build BB8-For my Rey Costume. I wanted to build my own BB8 droid. You should follow the instructions to build your own too. Its a semi-simple process get started now.

So I decided I would build my own BB8 out of paper mache. I had intended on making it a moving one but didn’t have time to finish it. Now after I have it all painted I don’t know in the future I could cut it in half to add the parts 🙂 It’s too pretty now and looks good just sitting there.

bb8 paper mache


Paper Mache

So the first step to creating your bb8 you will need to get a 20″ beach ball. Add on the newspaper strips with this mixture Elmer’s glue 1/2 cup to 1/2 cup of water ratio to cover the strips in

You will need to get a 20″ beach ball and add on newspaper strips with the mixture Elmer’s glue 1/2 cup to 1/2 cup of water ratio.



You will need to add 3 layers of paper mache on the ball. I usually use a paint brush to add the strip on with the glue mixture.


Make It More Sturdy

After you do the layers of newspaper, you may want to add on layers of fabric to make it more sturdy. I use some white cotton fabric. After you add that layer on you will have to add one last layer of paper mache.





Filling It In With Joint Compound

Next step I took joint compound and filled in the divots. After you let this dry, sand the joint compound with 220 grit sandpaper to make it as smooth as possible.I would suggest doing this outside with a mask and glasses it makes a mess. Then you will need to wipe the ball off so the spray paint goes on with no problem Now you can add your white spray paint on.



Paint BB8

Now it’s time to paint on the circle’s Note: doing circles on a circle is not the easiest thing. I used a pencil first to draw it all out then fill in the paint. You can use acrylic paints to paint it. I used this source to know what to paint each circle.


After it was all painted I clear coated it with Rust-oleum clear coat spray paint.


BB8 Head

I bought a smooth hollowed out styrofoam half circle. I used a knife to cut the edge it might be better if you have a foam cutter to get a cleaner edge. You will then want to paint the head I went through with a pencil to make the marks then filled it in with paint. I google searched images for the head to get it as close as I could to the real one. For the one eye I used half of an easter egg and I had this cheap plastic circle frame thing I put around it. I spray painted the egg, frame, and second eye with black rust-oleum spray paint. The little eye and antennas are made from Fimo clay. I also took the electrical tape to the ends of the one antenna. It’s ok but you might find something better for the antennas. I hope you enjoy making one as much as I did.

bb8 paper mache bb8-4 bb8-3

Items needed for this project

This post has amazon affiliate links see my disclosure for more details

Please note while I do DIY and tutorials I am by no means a professional please read through each post carefully and consult a professional when needed.  I will not be responsible for injuries or damages while following a tutorial from my site. All tutorials are done at your own risk. Please be safe and smart while doing projects.

Whats This? Make Your Own Life Size Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington

What’s this theirs magic in the air! What’s this build your own Jack Skellington! At our house we love The Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack Skellington is our favorite character. I wanted to share it with everyone. My hope is to have a few charters from the Nightmare Before Christmas throughout our Halloween decorations. In the future I would like to make Oogie boogie, Sally, zero etc. This project is very time-consuming. It took me a few months to work on it spreading it out over the weekends mainly. You could finish it maybe in a few days if you have the time to dedicate to it. I would estimate I spent close to $100 to make him.

Here is the DIY on each thing  to make the full Jack Skellington.

Jack’s Head

live size jack skellington nightmare before christmasTo start the project I started working on the pumpkin kings head, it’s made of paper mache, paper paste, spray paint, acrylic paint, wall joint compound, and PVC pipe

I used a punching balloon for the base. A 20-inch beach ball might work better to make his head. With the balloon or beach ball inflated start covering it with your newspaper cut into strips 1-2 inch strips wide and 5-8 inches long. Use this mixture Elmer’s glue 1/2 cup to 1/2 cup of water ratio to cover the strips in. dip a paintbrush in the mixture, painting some glue onto the balloon stick the strip down and then painted the strip on. Cover the whole thing until the balloon or beach ball is no longer showing. Repeat this process 2-3 times so you have a total of 3-4 layers. I allowed each layer to dry before adding the next layer.

Cut eye holes and mouth

Once it’s all dry you will want to cut the holes for the eyes and nose also mark the mouth. What I did was draw on the eyes nose and mouth with a pencil until it was where I wanted it. Then I took a kitchen knife to cut out the eyes and nose holes, this did break the balloon in the middle. I then carefully pulled all the balloon pieces from my eye holes.

This picture is my first attempt at the face but it’s the only pic I had of the newspaper part. The next step you will need to take strips of newspaper dipped in the paste to make the eye sockets you lay it across the eye and let it slide to the depth you want. Then fill it in until the hole is no longer a hole.
paper mache jack skellington

Next step is to fill the whole outside and eye sockets with paper paste this makes it stronger and more filled out for details. I used the following recipe for the paste.

1 Roll of inexpensive toilet paper. Do not use Costco or an expensive brand it doesn’t break down as well
2 tbs of Mineral Oil (baby oil)
1 cup of regular, all-purpose joint compound
3/4 cup of flour
3/4 cup of Paper Mache Paste Source





Paper clay

Take the paper clay and start placing it all over the head. I put it fairly thin on the whole head. Around the eyes, nose and mouth I built it up to and edge to help bring out the features more. On the mouth, I left the line in the middle open and just built up around the line.


At this point, you can add the pipe or an attachment piece. If you do the pipe you connect the head directly onto the shoulders. If you do the attachment piece you would attach it to a neck

Cut Teeth

Once this is all dry take a Dremel tool and cut out the slits for the teeth. Then take sanding paper or a sander and sand it down I used 220 grit piece. The paper clay I had was pretty lumpy you might be able to get yours less lumpy then I did when you make the paper clay. Once I had it all sanded down I took the joint compound and filled in all the holes and lumps etc. I had to make it more smooth it was bugging me. Sanded it to get it more smooth using the joint compound. Make sure it’s dry before you sand. This picture below is before I filled it in with joint compound

After it is all smooth to your liking take something to wipe the excess powder off with a towel, compressor hose, etc will do the trick. Now you can add spray paint it I used Rust-Oleum white. After it is coated well and dried you can take your black acrylic paint and paint in the black for the eyes, nose, and mouth.

The last step for the head seal it with clear spray paint.

paper mache and paper mache jack skellington






















Jack’s Bones

You may want to make yours a little shorter or different. Currently, I have mine leaning against the wall till I find a better solution. When I find one I will update this post.

I took the current lengths and put them together.1 inch PVC pipe cut to shoulder to elbow 13 inches, elbow to hand 14 inches, the neck is 5 inches, shoulders and hips are cut to 3 1/2 inches each, middle body 23 Inches, thighs 15 inches, knee to foot 13 inches.

Start with a board for the base with floor flanges attached. To get the distance of where I needed the floor flanges I put his legs and hips together then drilled the flanges onto the board.

4 90 degree connectors, 4 45 degree connectors (you could do two more to adjust arms differently), 4 connector piece, 3 connector piece




Jack’s Shoes

You will want to build shoes for him. I took a box of soda cut it up and made it look like shoes by taped it with masking tape, then I added some paper clay, and spray painted it black I used Rust-Oleum black spray paint.

Leave holes so the PVC pipe can fit in it.



Jack’s Clothes

After you put it all together put the white shirt on it then stuff it with filling. Sew the bottom and leave a hole for the PVC pipe to fit. I used safety pins to hold the top part together you could sew this too I find it easier to adjust things when I need to just have safety pins.


Fit the jacket

Take a thrift store cotton sports jacket and fitted it to the arms. I added black fabric to lengthen it( his arms are really long) and add tails. The picture with my son shows how long the arms are, they reach his feet.




Next, I took black yoga pants and I fitted them to the legs. After you’ve got it to where its all fitted you can start painting the puffy paint stripes on it to turn it into the black pin-striped suit. The white stripes are made from white and glow in the dark puffy paint together to give it an extra pow. It ended up taking 2 white and 1 glow in the dark paint to get it all stripped. I took the paint and mixed it all then poured it back in the bottles. Lay the clothes on a table and started painting the stripes on. Let it dry overnight before turning it over to add it to the back side.20150903_175621

Now you can dress him I added filling to the crotch part of the pants to make it more filled.




Jack’ s Hands

I took wire put a 12mm spray painted black bead on the end. If you can find black beads it’s better to use them then to spray painting some. Next, I molded air dry clay for the white parts on the hand and strung on the beads as I went. Once I had created the fingers I used duct tape and taped the wires together. Then I filled the top and bottom with air dry clay. The wires stuck out the back so then I attached it to a PVC coupling (one where you can connect two pipes), taping the wire and hand to it then added it to the arm. Make sure you use black tape it helps hide it better.


jack skellington hand clay and beads


Bat Tie

I drew on the foam paper in pencil then cut it out. It took 3 foam pages to make this tie, 2 pages for the wings and 1 for the bat head.jack skellington bat wing tie

Bat face

  • Cut out the shape then take the edges and cut slits in it and glue it together to make it more 3D.
  • Then take 2 flat pieces to cover the face and make it more smooth if you don’t do this then it doesn’t look as nice.
  • Next, draw the lines and eyes with the white puffy paint.


Jack skellington bat wing tie 2

Back of Bat

  • On the back, I laid out the wire and Put the duct tape over it to hold it on.
  • Add the elastic band onto the bat. I hot glued it to the back of the bat head.
  • Now you can add it around his neck and bend the wires on the back.



The Total Look

life size jack skellington

Christmas Outfit

life size christmas jack skellington

I used 3 yards of red fleece fabric I think it might have been too much so I do have extra. I took the Halloween pants and cut out the red fabric the same length and width, I did this with the jacket too.  This way the legs and arms were to the correct length. Then added the white fluffy fabric around the neck hole, the base of pants, hat trim, nd beard. The white fluffy fur fabric is impossible to cut without getting the fluffy part all over so keep that in mind when cutting.

To make the boots I added black fabric around the bottom of the pants and used his shoes as the base.

For the hat, I measured his head and cut out the red fleece to fit. I double checked with the fabric around the head to make sure I cut it right. once Then I sewed the fabric and added the white fluffy fabric to the edge and a ball for the other end















Items you will need for the project- 

This contains affiliate links for you convenience, please see my disclosure for more info

  1. Newspaper the black and white sections work the best (I used a lot of the ads but they tend to fall off easier)
  2. White Elmer’s glue or off brand (1/2 water to 1/2 Elmer’s glue ratio for paper mache paste)
  3. Toilet paper the cheap kind
  4. Cheap paint brush
  5. Joint compound I bought the premixed can.
  6. 1 inch PVC pipe 4 8 ft lengths
  7. beach ball
  8. 220 sand paper
  9. 1 Inch for all:2 PVC connectors to connect to the floor flanges, 4 90 degree connectors, 4 45 degree connectors (you could do two more to adjust arms), 4 sided connector piece cross style , 3 sided connector piece, 2 pipe couplings that will connect the hands to the body. (please note some of these links are for more then 1 peice)
  10. 2 Floor flanges plus 8 screws check your board so you don’t go through. The link isn’t the same as the one I used its more for a reference 🙂
  11. wood board
  12. Clear spray paint
  13. White spray paint
  14. black spray paint
  15. black acrylic paint
  16. thrift store pants, jacket, white shirt,
  17. puffy paint 2-3 white, glow in the dark if you want
  18. Air dry clay
  19. 12 mm beads
  20. 3 foam black paper sheets
  21. wire
  22. black tape ( I used gorilla glue duct tape)
  23. elastic 4 inches to be safe 🙂
  24. Black fabric 2 yards
  25. stuffing for body and hip filling
  26. Hot glue gun and a few glue sticks
  27. Red felt fabric 3 yards
  28. white fluffy fake fur fabric (Christmas outfit) 2 yards
  29. safety pins

I really enjoyed making this project it did take a lot of time. This will be something you can be used for years to come. If you make one post it in the comments!

I originally got this idea from a youtube video

Here is the source



Please note while I do DIY and tutorials I am by no means a professional please read through each post carefully and consult a professional when needed.  I will not be responsible for injuries or damages while following a tutorial from my site. All tutorials are done at your own risk. Please be safe and smart while doing projects.

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