3 in 1 Outdoor Game Golf, Bean Bag, and Football

We are having so much fun at our house lately. Winter blues have finally passed now its time to have a blast! So I wanted a fun game we could take camping with us. I have seen the toss game, a golf game etc. I thought Why can’t I make a fun game that could do all 3. So I came up with this 3 in 1 outdoor game that incorporates them all. With a few simple moves of a hinge, you are ready for the next game.  Read below on how to make this 3 in 1 outdoor game. I made two boards for this post you could make one and be fine to play all the games. You would only need to do 2 peice of mdf board instead of 3

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Items you will need


Making your 3 in 1 Outdoor Game 

Cut Down MDF/Wood Board

So you will want to get one board of MDF and cut off the end I cut off about 11 inches and felt that was a good place for my middle board to be. If you want yours longer or shorter adjust to your liking. At first, I used my circular saw and it was ok but I had troubles it was my first time using it. I ended up  I used a jigsaw to cut my piece off it wasn’t super straight but I don’t have a table saw believe me it’s to-get list. So I had to sand down the end of my board to make it flatter.

Place and Cut Out Circles

You will want to place and cut out your circle. I used plates to help with the sizes it helped get the circle I was looking for with not much effort 🙂 The plates I used is the smaller cake plate and a larger regular plate.I just eyeballed the placement but you can measure if you want to get it just right. Once your circles are in place take a pencil and draw on your circle to the board.  Now you can cut out the circle.

Cutting out the Circles

First, make sure your board is propped up I used my saw horses to hold my boards.I took a drill bit and cut a hole in the middle of the circle. Then I took my hole cutting attachment piece and cut a big hole out of the middle of each circle. Next, I took my jigsaw and cut from the middle to the edge of the drawn circle I cut it 3 times from middle to edge close togeather so I could put the jigsaw in just right. Now you will want to follow the outline of the circle with your jigsaw to cut out the circle. I tried to stay in the line but my holes aren’t perfect 🙂 They work for what I need I’ll get better with the time that’s all that counts right!

Also, watch your feet once the circle is cut out it will fall out onto the ground. Sand your holes so they are smooth you don’t want to reach into a pokey hole. I used 220 grit sandpaper. You do have to hand sand the holes I tried to do it with my orbital sander it was a no go 🙁 Times this by 2 if you want to have a back and forth game. You could easily just make one board and play on it too.

Cutting Your Ends

Take your 3rd board and cut it into 4 pieces I cut mine at 12 inches apart.(this would be for 2 game boards for the 4 pieces) This is for the ends that are attached with hinges. 2 for each game board.


Attaching your Hinges

Now you can attach your hinges. You will need 8 hinges 4 for each game board. The hinges I bought the screws ended up being too long so I bought 1 inch nut and bolts to go through it. They poke out but it keeps the board sturdy like you need.  Also when attaching your hinges make sure you are able to have it open at an angle or it won’t work that well. I marked and predrilled the hole then put in the nut and bolts to attach the hinges to the board. Make sure you put your hinges on right too. I kept testing mine so they would fold in nice when you put it up.

Adding mesh

I added mesh to the circle so when you throw something into it, you don’t lose it behind the board somewhere. Plus if you have ever been camping by a hill you know that things tend to go down the hill and I don’t want to keep climbing up and down like crazy. You will take the laundry mesh bag and cut it in half. Sew the  end shut on the one peice

You will take the laundry mesh bag and cut it in half. Sew the  end shut on the one peice

Take the staple gun and staple the edge of the mesh as I went on the wider mesh bags I folded and stapled so it would fit. I’m not a perfectionist on these types of things so if you wanted you could make the bag to fit well and you wouldn’t have to fold it as you staple.

Decorating your boards

I added fake grass to my boards I bought a big thing of fake grass the type you can take camping and put out.  You could also spray paint it, paint it, sticker it, tape it, etc to make it your own. If you used fake grass cut it out before you add the mesh. I cut it to fit the board then lay it on top of the board and cut it out with a razor blade box cutter.

Adding the fake grass I cut out and nail glued it to the board I also stapled it to the board

Adding Velcro

You might want to add velcro to keep your sides from falling one way or the other when carrying it.  I added my velcro to the back of the pieces and back of the board. I used a fatter piece and cut it down the middle.

Making your Bean  Bags

Take a piece of fabric and cut out squares I cut out 6 in by 6 in squares. I cut out 6 total. I used Batman fabric for all of my bags. You may want to do 3 of one color and 3 of another color. I know my boys wouldn’t be happy if one was Batman and one was a plain color since I don’t have other cute fabric 🙂

After you have the squares cut out you will sew it inside out all around the edges except a little bit.

Now you will want to flip it inside out so the right side is out. then fill it halfway full with beans.

Fold in the edges of the open part and sew shut.

How to play 3 in 1 outdoor game


How We Play Golf Chip Game 

So the golf chip game you will lay the board down and pop it up on one side. This is where you can switch it up and pop up either side to make it more or less difficult. You can make up your own points if you want. We do 5 points for the small ones and 3 points for the big one up to 25 points.


How We Play Bean Bag Game

Prop up one end of the board just like the golf game. Take 4 bean bags per person taking turns the first to 50 points wins! 3 points for big one hole and 5 points for small holes. you could also prop up the board with both sides up and toss it in that way too. This goes for the golf game too.

How We Play Football Toss Game

Take the board and set it on its side with both ends holding it up. We use a table to put the board on then toss the football into the holes. I would use a smaller football to toss. We did our points as 100 for the large hole and 300 points for the small holes. The first one to 1000 wins. My boys love throwing balls so this game was so fun for them.

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Chalk Bombs Make Your Own

Make your own Chalk Bombs

So I am so excited to share with you how to make your own Chalk bombs. So my friend got these cute little chalk bombs from the store. I thought they were neat but the outside color of the bomb easily got lost in the tall mountain grass and they were sold out pretty fast at the store. I don’t know if they came in any other colors but green, yellow, and purple either. So I decided we could make these and it would be pretty cool we could choose the colors we wanted and make the outside bag more findable.  So off the store, I went to get the supplies. Below are the things I bought for the project.

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You will need

Making Your own Chalk Bombs

Cut out Square Pieces  of Fabric

I took the white porous fabric( t-shirt type fabric see-through) we bought and cut out a  8 -inch by 8-inch piece. Once these were cut we could move to the next step.

Grate The Chalk

This is something a mommy or daddy will want to do. I would be worried a child might cut their fingers grating. Grate the chalk and put it in bowls for the next steps this can take a while to do. My little helper watching by my side as I did this. Another way you could do this is put the chalk in a plastic bag and take outside and hammer it till it’s all powdered.

Another way you could powder the chalk is put the chalk in a plastic bag, take outside and hammer it till it’s all powdered.


Cut Nylon String

Cut some of your nylon string into 5-inch strips this will be used to make your bomb easier to throw.

Now You Can Assemble The Chalk Bomb

Take a square of fabric and scoop the grated chalk on to it. Place one of the nylon strings in it.  Now you can grab the edges of the fabric and make it into a ball. You will want to take the zip tie and tie around the top of it to close it. If you want you can add some more nylon string to the top to cover the zip tie.

Play With Your Chalk Bomb

So this, of course, is an outside toy.  It’s messy but fun! Take your chalk bombs outside and started playing with it. You will get circle chalk marks on your clothes it easily wipes off. If your kids wear a white shirt it makes it a little more fun cause you will really see the colors on your shirt. You can also color bomb the sidewalk too. These provide hours of fun for my active boys. I hope you enjoy them too!

Tip: If your chalk bomb gets wet to take a hammer and loosen it all up after its dry. 


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Chalk Bomb Video With the DIY Steps



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Refresh Flower Pots

So after a hard winter, I had to do something with my flower pots. I have only had them for 2 years. The poor things took a beating with this crazy hard winter we had. They needed to be refreshed for this summer. Below is how I refreshed my flower pots.

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Cleaning Your Flower Pot

So the outside of my pots had this white yucky stuff from the hard winter. I took some soapy water and a scrub brush and cleaned it all away. Make sure with anything before you paint that you clean it first. Have you ever painted something and a hair or dirt was on it. It falls off the wall or sticks there causing a bump. Not the most pleasant look!  My pots looked so bad and white I wanted to make them look back to their original glory.


Painting The Outside of The Pot

I used Rust-Oleum metallic paint and primer in one in oil rubbed bronze. Below is a picture of one of a painted one next to the weathered one. Sorry, the picture is kind of dark.

Painted pot all nice and back to where it was when I bought it

Refresh Your Soil

So after sitting all winter long, the soil became compacted. I took a shovel and moved the soil around. You might want to consider adding more fertilizer or mixing new soil into the old pot.

Flowers Next!

This year I decided to buy perennial so that they come back each year. I hate buying the annuals every year and they just die and never come back to life 🙁 I bought Viola, Shasta Daisy, poppy and Vinca flowers this year. They were pretty and the Vinca should help fill in the pot a little. Hopefully, it won’t choke my other flowers we will see how it goes.

Now you have your finished Refreshed flower pot done and it’s ready to help spruce up your outdoor area. As you can tell I have ways to go in the backyard to get it all in shape for summer and the end of spring since that’s all we got this year. SNOW ruined the early spring.



Haunted House Playhouse

My little boys always loved playing in my inlaws play house. I had on and off searched for used playhouses and could never seem to find one for cheap. So my cousin moved into a house and wanted to get rid of a pink and purple one. I had hesitated at first then did some Pinterest searching and realized we could spray paint it. He gave us the playhouse for free which was amazing 🙂 After doing a search I found this haunted house playhouse and it was exactly like the house we got. So asked my boys what color they would like to paint it they decided on green and black. Then the idea turned into the haunted house playhouse we made.

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Power Wash

We borrowed my in-law’s power washer to get all the spiders and gunk. I tried with a hose at first and the gunk wouldn’t move at all. After we power washed it, we then took the house apart. When taking the house apart there were a few screws we had to remove then we could pull off the top. Once you have the top off you can turn the bottom over and slid the pieces apart.

playhouse-1 playhouse-2 playhouse-3

Spray Paint

I used 2 and a half cans of Rust-Oleum black spray paint and 2 cans of rust-oleum lime green. We painted the top of the house black including the inside because what boy wants pink showing. Then we painted the outside seats, inside seat, lights, and umbrella cover lime green.  With it all apart on our grass it was easy to spray paint. You do have to tape off the lights so you can put the green spray paint in it later. I let it dry overnight before putting it back togeather.

playhouse-4 playhouse-6 haunted house playhouse playhouse-8


Haunted House Playhouse Finished Look

Haunted house I’m in love with it! All the kids in the neighborhood love it too!

haunted house playhouse 2

My children love this playhouse and it’s cool because first it’s Halloween haunted house and it’s not pink or purple 🙂

Please note while I do DIY and tutorials I am by no means a professional please read through each post carefully and consult a professional when needed.  I will not be responsible for injuries or damages while following a tutorial from my site. All tutorials are done at your own risk. Please be safe and smart while doing projects.

How To: Attach TV Antenna To Your Whole House. Cord Cutting At Its Best!

So we decided a few months ago to cut out satellite TV. We were spending close to $100 per month for just satellite TV Ouch!  We really don’t watch a whole ton of TV so paying that much felt pointless. So buying a TV Antenna we felt was the right way to go.

Currently, we watch a lot of shows on Netflix and buy or rent movies on amazon.com. We still wanted to get the regular local tv for shows we watch on the CW, Fox, NBC, CBS, etc.

Total right now since cutting the cord. We maybe spend $25 a month to watch Netflix and rent or buy movies. Before we would spend more like $110 with Netflix and TV. That is a savings of $85 per month.  There are a lot of places that money could go per month I am sure you would too. I am going to check into a DVR service like tivo with my son’s sports it’s hard to be home on time to hit it live on TV, plus who wants to watch commercials 🙂 I think once I do this we may be at $35 per month. That is still much cheaper than where we were at.

Buying the right TV Antenna

Make sure you buy the right TV antenna for your distance away from the transmitter. We had to buy the outdoor long distance one because we were further than 50 miles away from the transmitter. You can search for the transmitters in your area at https://www.antennasdirect.com/transmitter-locator.html The reviews on the antenna we bought were pretty good I was surprised how clear the channels come in. I think it was better than our dish was, this is in 4k so it’s nice and works best on our 4k TV.


Setting up the cord and connecting to the house

So the first step to finding the cord that is connected to your house system.I swear this process took more time than it should’ve. I thought oh we will just connect to the satellite splitter and connect the cord to the antenna on the roof no problems right! Wrong we connected it and it wouldn’t work. We ended up having to follow the cord to the box then to the house . Ended up following the cord wrong like 3 times but finally got it. Here’s a pic of where it ended up going.

WHAT! behind the utility box!


Once we found where the wire was it was connected to the other box pic below. We unscrewed the box door and connected the cord from the antenna to the cord to the house. Then we went downstairs to the utility room. To find the cord coming in from the wall to the cord box downstairs.


Once you are at your coaxial cord box you will see cords going everywhere. We had to find the main cord from outside. Ours had red tape on it I felt we got lucky with that. I put that coaxial cord into the middle of our splitter that was marked in. Then I attached all the rest of the house coaxial cords to the splitter. We had this 8 cord splitter that fit all the cords leaving room for one.  So if we ever feel we need more TVs connected we can 🙂  Maybe one day we will connect this to the wall it still looks like this. Its located in our utility room that we only go into a few times a year.


Now you will need to connect your TV to the wall we used coaxial cables to connect the. We did have to buy a few different sized coaxial cables to do this. Make sure when you buy the coaxial cables you have enough length to reach the coaxial plug to the TV.

Then you will need to go to your TV and do a channel search (in the menu on the tv). We had the TV antenna on the ground pointed in the direction of the transmitters. You can search for your transmitters at https://www.antennasdirect.com/transmitter-locator.html  We had to wait a few minutes for the channels to start popping up. From there we were OK to attach the antenna to the roof. Make sure you unplug the cord from the box while we attached it to the roof for safety reasons then reconnected it once it’s attached.

House antenna

The next step from here we attached the cord to the outside of our house using a 50 ft coaxial cable to connect it from the roof to the box. We used coaxial cord holders and nailed them into the wall. I’m not sure they will hold for a long time where our house has stucco. Note: After 5 months the coaxial cable holders are still holding.


Once this is all set up and connected you can do a channel search (located in TV menu) again and you should be set. We did this on our LG TV, Roku TV, Vizio TV, and it all worked.

You can look at this site for what’s on TV now. I also use

I also use TV Guide to look up shows.

Update: We recently purchased a Tivo. You can look up shows on their guide and find shows to watch. Also, you can link your account to Netflix, amazon video etc to watch it right from your tivo. We pay around $15 per month for our tivo subscription. It helps to record shows I forget about. Regular tv has tons of shows I watch things like, Jane the virgin, vampire diaries, the flash, new girl, scandal, this is us, a baking show don’t remember the name, NFL playoffs some anyway 🙂 Anther good thing with all the winter storms we have had our antenna has held strong and we have yet to lose signal.

Items needed

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coaxial cable for outside and inside

coaxial cable holders and hammer or screwdriver- depending on the holders you get.

splitter if you don’t have one

TV Note if your TV was built before 2009 you will need a digital converter box

You will need a drill and attachment for the bolts provided in the kit


Ladder for getting on the roof.


Digital converter

Antenna search

What’s on TV

Please note while I do DIY and tutorials I am by no means a professional please read through each post carefully and consult a professional when needed. I will not be responsible for injuries or damages while following a tutorial from my site. All tutorials are done at your own risk. Please be safe and smart while doing projects.