Build Your Own BB8 Droid From Paper Mache

Build BB8-For my Rey Costume. I wanted to build my own BB8 droid. You should follow the instructions to build your own too. Its a semi-simple process get started now. So I decided I would build my own BB8 out of paper mache. I had intended on making it a moving one but didn’t have time to finish it. Now after I have it all painted I don’t know in the future I could cut it in half to add[Read more]

Oogie Boogie-Make Your Own Life Size

Sorry, there has been almost two months since I posted. It has been crazy at work and sports at home so no time lately to work on posts. I still have been working on projects and now that I am getting some more time to post you should see some cool things coming soon 🙂 I had a lot of fun making this life-size Oogie Boogie.  It’s another piece to my nightmare before Christmas Halloween props. I made this one so[Read more]

My 5 Months In Review and a Giveaway!

It’s now been 5 months since I started my blog. I have been trying my best to give you good content and follow my life of projects. Thanks for everyone who has been along for the ride I am so happy to share with you.  In order to get my blog more out there, I thought I would share a review of posts for the last 5 months and do a  giveaway to one lucky reader.  So below are the[Read more]

Valentines Wings and Heart Door Hanger

So I needed something cute for my door I thought I would create a  valentines door hanger. Most of the stuff I have I got from the dollar store which isn’t a bad thing its just they tend to fall apart a lot quicker than most decor. Valentines and Easter are the two holidays I have very little decor for. I think my Halloween and Christmas decor have taken over all my tote’s lol. I have always been in love[Read more]

31 Gift ideas for the women in your life!

So I wanted to share some good unique gift ideas to get your wonderful girlfriend, spouse, or special girl 🙂 These Gift ideas for women are something other than chocolate or flowers.  So here are a few different things you can get her. This is not your typical gift guide 🙂 I will start this off with some very unique things and move to more practical. This list contains affiliate for your convenience , more more info on affiliate links[Read more]

Easy DIY: Giant Candy Cane

I wanted to amp up my Christmas decor so I decided to make some Giant candy canes made out of pool noodles for our front walkway. I don’t have a lot of Christmas decor so it was fun to make something simple and cute for our walkway. This is an easy DIY anyone can do. Children can help too just make sure they don’t do the hot glue part 🙂 Items Needed Affiliate links are provided for your convenience, for more info on[Read more]

Make Your Own Rey Costume

For Halloween, I was Rey from Star Wars. I thought this would be a fun costume and I would get more than one use out of it, like wearing it for May 4th at work 🙂 Building the Rey Costume was pretty easy it just has a lot of pieces to it. I started with the base of the costume. I had a grayish white shirt so I used it. I got my pants from the thrift store and I[Read more]