Building Our Wayfair Entertainment Center

For months I searched and searched trying to find the perfect fireplace entertainment center for our living room. I went the usual route of checking all the local furniture stores around us. None of them had anything in a style I wanted. Most had the cherry wood look or a plain white. I wanted something more rustic or just pretty looking.

So online I went Amazon, Walmart, etc. Then I came across Wayfair. I kept thinking why didn’t I look at Wayfair sooner I am an affiliate after all!
They have so many to choose from cute farmhouse, rustic, plain, cherry, etc. Then I came across the one we bought which was McCrea media 58″ with fireplace. I have attached the link to the tv stand on the words. This is an affiliate link keep in mind when you purchase something from my website I get a small commission at no cost to you. It also helps support my blog.

You can also purchase other entertainment centers from the Wayfair link below.

Click here for other Wayfair entertainment centers.


I was kind of leery about ordering online not being able to see it in person. All I can say is this is good quality. It is heavy and not hard to build. Which looking at the specs online the weight is what sold us. With weight sometimes it can tell you a lot when it comes to furniture this one weighed over 150lbs. Now if we had seen something that weighed 30lbs I probably would have of passed.

If you are used to building IKEA furniture this is not a big deal to build. It took me about 2 hours to build it from start to finish by myself. The part that took the longest was attaching the back. You have like 40 small screws to screw in.

It came in 3 boxes I had to pull it all out before I could start.

Step One

Follow the directions that come with the entertainment center. For the first step, you take the bottom piece and put on the four walls.


Step Two

Now you will want to put on the middle long piece.

Step Three 

You will want to put the next walls on it.

Step Four

Now you will add the top piece on.So on this part, you will need to use a small screwdriver the top part wasn’t long enough for a regular screwdriver.

Step Five

You will add on the front doors I missed a picture of this. Then you will screw on the back there are a lot of screws to this part.

Step Six

The last step is to screw in the fireplace.

Final Look!

In all, I love this entertainment center and the fireplace makes it’s so much better.


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