Easy Party Poppers

I wanted to make party poppers last year for new years eve and we never did. So this years 2018 new years eve I remembered before it was new years eve. I am so excited to share these new years eve poppers with you. Hopefully its in enough time you can make your own. If I would have known how easy they were to make we would have made ours sooner ūüôā

This project is one of the simplest projects. Below are the items you will need. I have attached some affiliate links below. Keep in mind when you use an affiliate link I get a small commission at no cost to you.

  1. toilet paper roll
  2. balloons
  3. pom-poms
  4. optional paint for toilet paper roll

Toilet paper roll

I didn’t¬†want just a plain toilet paper roll so we painted ours. Make sure it dries before the next step.

Balloon bottom

Cut the top part of the balloon off. Then open the balloon and have someone put in the toilet paper roll. You will want to make sure you have a little extra to grab onto to pop out the pom-poms later.


Now you can add the pom poms in. We found the smaller pom-poms worked better. The large ones tended to stick inside the roll.

Final look of the party poppers

Our boys made their first youtube video. It shows us making this project go and check it out. Also while you are there subscribe to their channel.

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