Easy DIY Sign

I bought this vinyl piece from a yard sale 2 summers ago. I thought it would be a cute wall decor piece for my brother’s apartment.  So a year and a half later here we are putting it on a board and finishing it 🙂

Things you will need

Below is a list of things you will need. I have provided affiliate links to items. Keep in mind when you buy something from one of my links I get a small commission. It helps keep this blog going and I appreciate it.

  1. Vinyl sign
  2. Board to put it on
  3. paint
  4. paint brush
  5. sand paper

Sanding Board

I bought this board from the thrift store it had smith in vinyl letters written on it. If your board is a thrift store board like mine you will want to sand it first. I used 220 grit sandpaper to sand mine.  Don’t forget to wipe off the board before the next step.

Paint Board

Now you will want to paint the board the color of your choice. I used white for my board.

Put Vinyl Letters on the board

The last thing you will need to do is to put vinyl letters on your board. The one I had was Gone Fishin’ I took off the back piece and laid it on the board where I wanted it. Then I took a card and rubbed the letters onto the board.

Final Look of Sign

My brother liked the sign when it was all done. I hope it will make a great addition to his house.

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