Easy Party Poppers

I wanted to make party poppers last year for new years eve and we never did. So this years 2018 new years eve I remembered before it was new years eve. I am so excited to share these new years eve poppers with you. Hopefully its in enough time you can make your own. If I would have known how easy they were to make we would have made ours sooner ūüôā

This project is one of the simplest projects. Below are the items you will need. I have attached some affiliate links below. Keep in mind when you use an affiliate link I get a small commission at no cost to you.

  1. toilet paper roll
  2. balloons
  3. pom-poms
  4. optional paint for toilet paper roll

Toilet paper roll

I didn’t¬†want just a plain toilet paper roll so we painted ours. Make sure it dries before the next step.

Balloon bottom

Cut the top part of the balloon off. Then open the balloon and have someone put in the toilet paper roll. You will want to make sure you have a little extra to grab onto to pop out the pom-poms later.


Now you can add the pom poms in. We found the smaller pom-poms worked better. The large ones tended to stick inside the roll.

Final look of the party poppers

Our boys made their first youtube video. It shows us making this project go and check it out. Also while you are there subscribe to their channel.

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Year in Review 2017

This year has been a good year for the most part. Here are the projects I worked on this year. Let’s hope next year is better and I can do a lot more projects.

2018 I hope is the best year yet! Thank you for all who follow me I hope next year I can gain more followers and inspire you all to create.


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Easy DIY Sign

I bought this vinyl piece from a yard sale 2 summers ago. I thought it would be a cute wall decor piece¬†for my brother’s apartment.¬† So a year and a half later here we are putting it on a board and finishing it ūüôā

Things you will need

Below is a list of things you will need. I have provided affiliate links to items. Keep in mind when you buy something from one of my links I get a small commission. It helps keep this blog going and I appreciate it.

  1. Vinyl sign
  2. Board to put it on
  3. paint
  4. paint brush
  5. sand paper

Sanding Board

I bought this board from the thrift store it had smith¬†in vinyl letters written on it. If your board is a thrift store board like mine you will want to sand it first. I used 220 grit sandpaper to sand mine.¬† Don’t¬†forget to wipe off the board before the next step.

Paint Board

Now you will want to paint the board the color of your choice. I used white for my board.

Put Vinyl Letters on the board

The last thing you will need to do is to put vinyl letters on your board. The one I had was Gone Fishin’ I took off the back piece and laid¬†it on the board where I wanted it. Then I took a card and rubbed the letters onto the board.

Final Look of Sign

My brother liked the sign when it was all done. I hope it will make a great addition to his house.

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Under $10 Winter Wreath

This simple winter wreath is easy to make and under $10. I wanted something simple but cute for our door and didn’t want to spend a lot on it. Looking around I kept seeing the simple wire wreaths and thought they looked cute. So off to Jo-Ann’s I went and they didn’t¬†carry any. So looking around I saw the grapevine wreaths and thought it would look just as cute. The bonus with the grapevine wreath is I wouldn’t have to spend a lot for it.

What I bought

I bought the grapevine wreath and bird twig decor from Jo-Ann’s. Then I bought some filler floral pinecones, wire and greenery from the dollar store pinecones and greenery.

I am currently not an affiliate of Jo-Ann’s but if you would like to help support my blog you can purchase these similar items from Amazon. Remember when you buy something from my link I am paid a small commission at no extra cost to you. Below are the links:

  1. Grapevine wreath
  2. Floral Wire
  3. Floral Pinecones

How to make the wreath

Start with the grapevine¬†wreath¬† I took all my pieces¬†and placed them first on the wreath to see how I wanted it laid¬†out.¬† Once I established the layout¬† I took the floral wire and attached the pieces to the grapevine wreath.¬† To help secure the pieces a little better in areas where there weren’t¬†many vines I hot glued some of them¬†to the vines.

The preset up before I wired it all down


This is what the wires look like on the back

Winter Wreath Final Look

I really loved how it turned out. Although I am looking at my door while posting these pictures thinking I need to paint it a different color.


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Simple Wood Christmas Tree

I have always wanted a wood Christmas¬†tree for our front porch and I came across this post from Rogue Engineer of¬†his wooden tree. I thought this is what I am looking for. Now I didn’t¬†follow his plans exactly I did it my own way. My tree definitely looks different than his I think mine looks more like a charlie¬†brown tree.

This post contains affiliate links. please see my disclosure for more info.

Things you will need

  1. Furring strips of wood I used 3 8ft length pieces- for branches
  2. small pieces of scrap wood -for trunk
  3. 2 by 4 piece for base
  4. dowel
  5. wood glue
  6. drill w/ bit
  7. miter saw
  8. Sander

Making your wood Christmas tree

Cutting your branches 

The first thing I did was cut my branches. I took furring strips and cut them 2 inches less for each piece till I made it to the top piece.  I used my miter saw for the cuts. Anytime you can use power tools with safety it makes the job move a lot more smoothly.

Drilling Holes for Dowel

The next step you will need to drill holes for the dowel. I took my drill bit and drilled holes in the middle of each piece cut piece. You will also want to drill a hole in the base for the dowel.

Making the Base

I used a 2 by 4 for my base it works pretty well to keep it up and sturdy. Now once you have the hole drilled in the base you can put in the dowel. I used wood glue in the hole to glue in the dowel so it’s more sturdy and doesn’t¬†fall apart.¬† I also cut 3 small pieces of 1/2 inch scrap wood I had for the trunk. Don’t¬†forget after this part to sand each piece before you move on to painting. You will regret it if you don’t¬†sand down the rough edges.¬†


Before you assemble the pieces you will want to paint it. You could spray paint it or use water base paint to paint the tree.  I chose to use waterbased paint to paint my pieces.  I painted the base, trunk pieces, and the dowel brown. Then I painted the tree limb parts green. I bought the star in a star pack and painted it yellow. The last thing I did was spray some red sparkle spray paint. Last I spray painted some matte clear coat on it to protect it from the elements.



The last thing you will want to do is assemble it and glue on the star.

The Final Wood Christmas Tree

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A New Way to Wrap Little Presents

For Christmas, we bought our moms rings with our sons birthstones it in. Instead of putting it in a ring box I really wanted to do something a little more creative.So I came up with this new way to wrap little presents.

I had seen a post of people sewing paper together to do larger presents. So¬†I decided to use this concept but make ornaments out of it. We made circle ones but you could make them any shape you want. I think the star ones look really cute and may make some soon ūüôā

This post contains affiliate links please see my disclosure for more info

Steps to Making Your Little Wrapped Present


First Step

Cut out two circles so you can sew them together later. We used large paper lunch bags.  You could use almost any paper to get to the outer wrapping. I think scrapbook paper might be cute too!


Second Step

You will need to sew around the edge but leave a big enough opening to put your stuffing and gift in. I left a little bit of an edge on mine you can do it closer or further away depending on the effect you want.

Third Step

Now you can get creative and draw/decorate away! My boys loved this part because they could draw or color what they wanted. My boys each had a side they used sharpie¬†markers to color what they wanted. It’s going to be a special gift from them after all :)I think they just used random colors to fill the space but grandma and nana will love it.

Fourth Step

Now you can put in your shredded paper or stuffing¬†and the special present. Don’t¬†fill too full or you won’t be able to sew shut.

Step Five

Put the ribbon in the opening about an inch in then sew the hole shut. Here is a link to some cute ribbon I found.

Step Six

Now you can hang on your tree without losing it in your other presents or filling up the bottom of your tree ūüėČ

The Final Look 

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Please note while I do DIY and tutorials I am by no means a professional please read through each post carefully and consult a professional when needed. I will not be responsible for injuries or damages while following a tutorial from my site. All tutorials are done at your own risk. Please be safe and smart while doing projects.



Our Lego Advent Calendar

Hi, Everyone, it’s been a crazy couple of months. I started a new job and my youngest has been doing sports. I feel like I have lost so much time on my blog. Sorry, everyone! I have a few new things to share starting with this advent calendar post. We are in the mist of Christmas month. I wanted to have a fun way for us to count down to Christmas. Normally in the past, we would just buy the chocolate calendars from the store and call it a day. Now these calendars are ok but I wanted something more fun or a way we could choose our own chocolate, treats, legos, etc. My boys like to help with our projects so you will see them in a few pictures. Anytime they can step in and help I encourage them! Making things with our hands is amazing! I’d rather have them building and using their minds than playing video games etc. Below is how we created our calendar.

How to Build Your Own Advent Calendar

The frame

To start this project you will need a big frame. The frame I bought was from a¬†thrift store it’s24 by 24 one of the largest I could find. We tore the frame apart by removing the picture and glass. You’ll want to make sure you also clean the frame before you paint it to remove all the grime and dust.

Now you will want to paint the frame. I painted ours with some snow white paint we had. My little helpers helped for a few strokes of paint ūüôā

Wood Middle

We had some wood left over from our garage shelves. I sanded down the wood so it was smooth before I stained it. Next, you will want to stain the wood. I stained ours with grey stain. once its dry and the frame is dry you will want to staple the wood into the frame.

Paint Something Cute

Ok so this is only if you want to I thought once our bags were off the calendar I wanted something cute to show. I bought a cute Merry Christmas sign from the dollar store and traced it with a pencil on the stained board part.  Then I took some of the white paint I used to paint the frame to paint in the Merry Christmas.  I had gone through a few ideas things like a snowman, snowflake, Christmas tree etc. You could do a lot of cute things.

Attach clothespins

Take 24 clothespins and hot glue them to the board. my husband and I measured out the spacing so it all looks symmetrical.

Fill your bags

We took a larger set of legos and separated the steps into 24 days to fill our bags. We could have bought a Lego advent calendar but my boys liked the idea of picking out a larger set they liked and build it over the 24 days. You could fill the bags with lots of different stuff like candy, small toys,  socks, etc. This part is where you can get creative and make it fun!  Below are the bags and legos we used.

Finished Project

Things we used in this project. Keep in mind this contains affiliate links. If you would like to know more about affiliate links you can check out my disclosure page here.

Star wars lego set 

lego Ninjago set 

mommy’s guardians of the galaxy¬† set¬†

Bags we used

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