7 Reasons Why I love Being a Mom of Boys

I love being a mom of boys. Below is 7 of 100 ‘s of reasons why I love it. I always thought I would love having a daughter but after having boys I’d never trade it for anything.  My boys are my everything!

 Mom of Boys 7 reasons why I love them!

Never Dull

Life is never dull with my boys it can be dead silent and one of them farts or says something funny. You learn to laugh even though its poop, fart, pee all the TIME! The other day my oldest came running in the house half crying saying his brother peed on him. I was half laughing as he turned around and he had pee all the way down his back. I asked him what happened and he said my brother said he was going to pee and he would pee on me if I didn’t move. We’ll we know what happened! Let’s just say he was tossed into the tub right away.

Full of love

You can spend all day telling them to stop touching each other and fighting but at the end of the day we always have cuddles and watch a show or talk about our day. My boys always love when I hug them, hold them, kiss them and tickle them. Usually, the end of the day is the best for this.


We love going on adventures like hiking to an area in the woods, digging holes in the dirt, riding 4 wheelers, going to soccer games, playing in the water.  Boys are carefree and you can get dirty clothes most of the time not ruining them. Just no white shirts please they look the worst before any other color.  Usually, my boy’s clothes have dirt and holes in them at all times as a mom you just learn to deal with it.


It’s so easy to get them clothes most clothes match and aren’t too expensive. Unless its plaid on aplaid my son tried to mix plaid shorts and a plaid shirt the one day I was like wow buddy you need to change one or the other it’s too much! Picture green larger plaid shorts and blue smaller plaid shirt it was like looking in a kaleidoscope.


They are so fun we can just go out in the back yard and play games any game really. They love to move around and let energy out. Which helps me stay active when I play with them outside. I don’t know if other boys are like my boys but when we play video games (xbox) we stand holding our controller and jumping around.

Love learning

My boys love to learn new things constantly so if we can use our hands to make something creative they love it. We have fun making dinner, creating fun little games, airplanes, slime, drawing, painting, etc. Educational tv, my kids love learning about dinosaurs, mysteries at the museum, magic, super why, etc.

My oldest can’t wait to start learning how to play an instrument and learn a new language I kind of want to do it with him too. I encourage learning in our house and love they love it too.


Oh, what mommy doesn’t love to go and watch your son play sports. I love to cheer on my little guys it makes me so proud to see them having fun and learning teamwork while they do. Also, seeing them smile and look for you when they make the goal or get an awesome shot. It makes me so proud to see them excelling and learning new things.

I hope everyone that is a mom of boys can enjoy this post. I would probably gloat if I was a mom of girls too! I am not so I have no idea what its like to have a daughter I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy my boys.