Searching For A Good Mattress at a Good Price

Sorry, it’s been a while since my last post. My life has kind of taken over. We have been busy working our regular jobs and I just recently finished painting my son’s room. I do have some more exciting content to come. For now, I thought I would write about our experience Monday shopping for a good mattress.

So we decided to start Monday morning president’s day to go out and look for beds. We have had a Tempur-Pedic bed more on the lower end of quality and firm. I can tell you be careful with foam mattresses they do soften a little but after having ours almost 10 years it was still firm. I know it depends on the type you get but they wear out just like any other bed. The higher price tag sometimes isn’t worth it. I did like it not bouncing when someone was on the bed.My husband works occasional nights so it was nice when he would come home he wouldn’t disturb my sleep.

We went with the intention of purchasing a hybrid bed one that was partial foam and individual covered spring coils.  I like things about the foam and I like things about the spring beds so I think getting a hybrid was what we would like more than just the foam or just the coils.

Pros and cons of coils -it is more bouncy and the bed is a lot higher profile than the foam. It tends I feel to hold up a lot longer than the foam.

Pros and cons of foam- It can get hot the foam can break up if you get water or anything on it. It can get flat and the spots you lay in the most will become softer than the rest of the bed.  It’s great for getting in and out of bed because you don’t disturb the other person. You can also get a bed frame that you can move to an upright position.

We went in with around a $1000 budget knowing we would probably spend just a little bit more to get a good bed. We started off at the local mattress store and found a bed we liked, it was about $1400 I thought that we could do better than that with all the president’s day sales out there.The bed  Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Signature Select Vinings 13.5″ Plush Mattress was pretty much one of the only cheaper beds they had. Does anyone hate these type of stores where it’s so small that the sales person just follows you around and doesn’t even let you feel it out? It’s like lay on this bed while I stare at you while you decide what you want not creepy or anything right? Then they try every sales tactic they have been taught to keep you there. This still happened at other stores too but they actually left for a min so we go a breather.

Next, we went to a big furniture store.  They had a lot of Tempur-Pedic beds and other brands even a store brand. The problem we had there was that a lot of the beds were cheaply made and not comfortable or really expensive. We found one for only $1700 that we liked but I wasn’t willing to spend that much on a bed. I feel like a lot of these places nickel and dime you.

Last we went to another big furniture store one I always hesitate to go to because of previous problems. I think we have learned to always pay cash if we can to save any hassles with cards high interest etc. We looked around at a few different beds in our price range. I think the sales guy understood what we were looking for, unlike the other stores which kept showing us high-priced beds. We looked around and found a similar bed as the first store but much cheaper. It was a Beautyrest silver edition that we went with. It was $1000 including mattress, box springs, and free delivery for next day. We did get a mattress protective cover to keep the 10-year warranty. It ended up costing us with tax $1268.

So far I feel good about our purchase I did happen to find some good deals with Wayfair a lot cheaper. It makes me think I should have looked there too. I have attached affiliate links to the ones that were a lot like the one we got. Also, don’t forget to get a waterproof mattress pad to help keep your warranty. We bought one from the store that was around $100 as long as it stays on the mattress it helps keep the 10-year warranty so keep that in mind when buying a mattress. Stains and kid pee can ruin any mattress 🙂

Click on the pictures for more Information. The prices are actually pretty good.

Simmons Beautyrest BeautyRest Recharge Ponder 15.5″ Plush Mattress

Simmons Beautyrest BeautySleep Starfall 14″ Plush Mattress

Simmons Beautyrest BeautyRest Recharge World Class Argos 14.5″ Plush Mattress

Simmons Beautyrest BeautyRest Recharge Soulmate 13.5″ Plush Mattress

Simmons Beautyrest BeautyRest Recharge Soulmate 14.5″ Plush Mattress

Simmons Beautyrest BeautyRest Recharge World Class Coral Reef 13.5″ Plush Mattress

Don’t forget your mattress pads 🙂

Durasoft Waterproof Mattress Pad

Rebrilliant Triple Protection Waterproof Mattress Pad

Triple Protection Waterproof Mattress Pad Size: King


Please see my disclosure for more info on affiliate links.

Thank you and I hope this helps with your search for the perfect mattress. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for sales they can help save you a lot.

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