Present Ideas For Boys Ages 4-7

I wanted to put present ideas togeather mainly so I can have ideas for my youngest son. After searching I found some good things I think he would like. He may even get one for his birthday coming up ūüėČ I hate shopping for birthdays and Christmas.¬†It’s always the dreaded what do I get them that they would like. I think more recently I have found ordering online works so much better. In our busy life with work and school, it’s hard to make it to the store to buy a present most of the time.

This time of year too with the snow I don’t want to go anywhere. It’s like let me live in my dungeon¬†and cuddle in my blanket. I guess that’s¬†why Bear is in my website name. I feel so close to wanting to hibernate this time of the year and I can see why they do.

Present Ideas

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  1. Pokemon¬†ball shooter- My 4-year-old would love this. I am thinking he will want this for his birthday this year! ¬†He also loves these little Pokeball’s¬†that have guys in it. Lots of creative play is done with them ūüôā Seeing all the Pokemon take me back to when I was younger and my brothers were obsessed¬†with it. I think I was just into beauty and the beast more than anything ūüôā



2. With the batman movie coming out soon they will all want lego batmans and anything to do with batman. He is the coolest lego guy right! I may even do some post in the future on how to do your own batman dress up stuff so look out for that ūüôā

3.Nerf Guns and tons of extra bullets- My kids LOVE Nerf guns! I think in the last few weeks I have picked up more bullets than ever. To hear the laughter and an occasional shot to my body from one is fun!.


4.Basketball Laundry bag-Here is a present even mom would love! I think maybe clothes would be pick up and made a game with it. This one is one of the better ones I have seen.


5.Paper Airplanes- I seriously didn’t¬†think a paper airplane would keep my child entertained for very long. I think most days when we make one he will play for a few hours flying it around the house. I think we have heard more giggles from a paper airplane than any other toy we own.

6.Smartwatch- We bought my son this for Christmas. He loves the little games on it and taking pictures etc

7.Race car track- What boy doesn’t like cars. This one even does flips.

8.We do a lot of camping during the summer on the colder nights my boys would love these plus I could maybe find them in the dark ūüôā

9. A wiggle car- We always see neighbor kids and our kids rolling down the sidewalk on them having a blast. This one  I feel like is a must buy if you have a sidewalk or an area they can ride its perfect. Plus on a smooth area it can hold a lot of weight so mom and dad can have a go too!

10. Soccer goals-This is the age where they start getting into sports. I think their favorite sport so far is soccer, for my kids at least


31 Gift ideas for the women in your life!

So I wanted to share some good unique gift ideas to get your wonderful girlfriend, spouse, or special girl ūüôā These Gift ideas for women are something other than chocolate or flowers. ¬†So here are a few different things you can get her.

This is not your typical gift guide ūüôā I will start this off with some very unique things and move to more practical.

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For the lady who loves Halloween like me!

  1. Zombie salt and pepper shakers what!   

2. Coasters

3. Living Dead plush doll

4. Tim Burton toys

5.Who wants to cut pizza the old way now!

6. Chop up some meat the cool way!


Funny things for your funny bone girl!


2. Cute mug  

3. Cute mug

4.This game looks fun and funny

5. This maybe more for a kid but a hand puppet that’s actually cute

6. 2 D messenger bag. These are pretty cool looking


For the cook in your life

1.Cute colorful whisks 

2.Spiral Ninja Vegetable Spiralizer

3.Rubber thongs which are super cute

4. Why not have nessie looking at you while waiting to pour soup!

5.I so need one of these to help me not spill all over the counter 

6. This is pretty cool it’s a salt and pepper grinder in one.¬†

Gifts ideas for any women

1.I have one of these and love it. It does what it says hot/cold drinks stay that way for a long time.

2.Top 6 essential oils

3. A pretty sparkle bracelet

4.Lego doggie my children and I would love 

5.Cooling wine glasses this would be awesome

6. For those living in cold areas why not a cute beanie 
7.It’s pink camo and a soft blanket two of my personal loves!¬†

8. A cute purse  

9. Simply cool plant holders

10. Something cute for her desk

11. If she likes to color why not have a cute case 

12. A cute place to hold her rings

13. Shark socks cause sharks

Here is the main pic for the gift ideas for women if you want to pin it ūüôā



How To Wear A blanket Scarf

Here are 10 ¬†ways on how to wear a blanket scarf. Don’t mind the pictures ahh I don’t¬†model ūüôā This was a cold day too so my husband froze¬†with socks only taking the pics lol.

For a DIY on how to make your own check out my post!

I figured where I did a post on how to create your own scarf you should have different ways to wear it right! Doing this post has helped me wear it different ways too! I hope this inspires you to find fun and creative ways to wear your scarf too. I hope you were able to create your own from my other post.

How To Wear Your Blanket Scarf


Below are the descriptions of the pictures above.From left to right. Top to bottom

From left to right. Top to bottom

  1. Put the scarf in front of you cross in the back and move the sides in front of you.
  2. Hang it around your neck
  3. Drape it across your elbows like a shawl
  4. Hang it around your neck and cross the one side in front of you and on your shoulder
  5. Wrap it in a circle around your neck tucking in the ends
  6. Put the middle of the scarf on your head and wrap the rest in a circle around your neck
  7. put the scarf in front of you allowing the middle to hang down a little longer. Take the extra and wrap the rest around your neck tucking it in
  8. Take the scarf around your neck fan it out over your shoulder allowing extra in the back and the ends in the front. Add a belt around it to secure it.
  9. Tie it put it on like an infinity scarf doing two circles around your neck
  10. tie it and put it on your neck

I hope you like this post it’s nice to have more than one option to wear a blanket scarf. This scarf is so big you could use it as a thin blanket. Think cold office, cold theater, etc.

DIY: Easy Blanket Scarf

I really wanted a nice soft big blanket scarf and had seen nicer blanket scarfs run from $45 plus ouch! a little out of my budget. For those that can afford it the cute colored plaid is always gone first:( I decided it shouldn’t¬†be too hard to create my own.¬†So I went to Jo-Ann’s bought fabric and here is the result!

Items Needed

  • 2 1/2 Yards of cute plaid fabric¬†(they are currently out of this style online I’ve attached a link for another cute one same brand) the fabric is call perfectly plaid Fabric-Acrylic Gray Red Blue Black¬†Plaid blanket scarf fabric
  • Thread to match. With plaid you can choose different¬†colors of thread. This one I could have done blue, red, gray, yellow or black. I chose red where there was more red and it popped more.
  • Something to help fray the edges I used a safety¬†pin. I think the safety pin worked well with this fabric to loosen the thread.frayed plaid blanket scarf


Step 1

So the first thing is to make sure it doesn’t fray¬†past a few inches or what you prefer. ¬†I sewed in 1 inch from the edge it might look cute frayed 1.5-2 inches in too. ¬†You don’t have to sew it but it will continue to fray¬†if you don’t sew it.

I sewed a straight line you could do it zigzagged if you want too. 

Step 2

Now you will want to start fraying the edges. This can take a little bit of time to do but looks so nice when you are done. It took me two hours to fray it. If you can get a good string it can go fast. The safety pin helped me get the pieces out that were more stuck ūüôā

Step 3

Wear it!

Now you are done! Easy and it looks nice too!

DIY blanket scarf

Check out my post on 10 ways to wear it here.

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