Cheap Blanket: Envelop Pillow Cover

Easy envelop pillow plaid black and red

So I bought a cheap blanket because I loved the plaid pattern. I bought it from Shopko when they had a sale before the holidays. I think I paid $3.99 for the blanket. This blanket is soft so it makes laying on it more comfortable. I am considering making more envelope pillow covers from different fabric styles 🙂

I bought this blanket with the intention of turning it into something more functional for our house.

The size of the blanket I bought was 50 in by 60 in. I used 16 X 16 pillow insert. You could use a larger pillow insert if you use the bigger blanket like I did I had plenty of fabric left over.

First Step

Cut the blanket in half lengthwise you don’t need to worry about the line being cut perfect you will be sewing and tucking in the ends.

Second Step

You will then want to fold down the one end and sew it I folded it a lot in this pic but just a little bit is fine. I was worried about cutting off the end. I think I cut off like 3 inches lol.

Third Step

Then you will take the sewed end and fold it in half over the pillow finished side facing the pillow. When you turn the pillow cover the right way the sewed end will be what shows. You will then need to pin it as close to the pillow as possible on the side of the pillow. Be careful not to get the pillow when pinning it. you will be taking the pillow out once it’s all pinned.

Fourth Step

You will take the other side and overlap it a few inches and pin it down. I folded the outside piece then pinned it down.

Fifth Step

Now you can take out the pillow and cut off any excess fabric. Try and cut this in a straight line 🙂

Sixth Step

Now you can sew the edges. I sewed mine along the pin line so it was close and tight to the pillow as possible then you don’t have slack to try and fill.

Seventh Step

Turn the cover into itself so it’s the right way. 

Now you can add in the pillow 

The Final Envelope Pillow Cover Look!

I love how this pillow turned out! It’s soft and it fits perfect on my chairs next to our tree. You can also use it during the month of January if you have winter decor to match. So a two in one idea 🙂 One for Christmas and one for Winter 🙂
Easy envelop pillow Envelop pillow plaid Envelop pillow plaid red

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Plaid Table Runner Sew or No Sew

plaid table runnerI had picked up a few cheap plaid blankets on Black Friday Sales I figured I could do something with them but wasn’t sure what. After browsing the internet I saw some cute plaid table runners then remembered I had bought the blankets and that I could easily make some runners out of the blanket.

Then I tried it on our table to see if it fit, to my luck it did. So a few cuts and I had a cute table runner.  This is a simple project and won’t cost you much if you get a cheap blanket.

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Step One 

Check to see if it fits on your table if it doesn’t make cuts and add length to it by sewing it on to the end. I cut down the edge of one of the plaid lines to keep the lines in order.

Step Two

Cut off any edging and cut to the width you like. You can be done at this point or you can do step 3 and finish the edge

Step Three

Serge the edges to make it a more finished look. I have a brothers sewing machine and used a G foot.

Doing the G foot with an edging type zigzag does the same thing as a serger.

These are the settings on my sewing machine for the g foot.

The G Foot

The completed edge I don’t think it turned out too bad. I plan on using the G foot again in the future it’s like a hidden treasure I never knew about.

Plaid Table Runner The Final Look!

Sorry this pic is a little blurry you can kind of see the edges on it. This is a picture of our island I did add on length to it you can kind of tell. I made two runners with one blanket so I can’t complain 🙂

This Runner is on our kitchen island

This is the runner on our high tableplaid blanket table runner

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Easy DIY: Giant Candy Cane

I wanted to amp up my Christmas decor so I decided to make some Giant candy canes made out of pool noodles for our front walkway. I don’t have a lot of Christmas decor so it was fun to make something simple and cute for our walkway. This is an easy DIY anyone can do. Children can help too just make sure they don’t do the hot glue part 🙂

Items Needed

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  • Pool noodles with holes in the middle- I order Pool noodles  from Amazon even in red!
  • Holiday Fabric. I bought HO HO HO fabric from Joann’s Fabric store
  • Ribbon- I bought my ribbon from Wal-Mart. I bought Silver Glitter they are out of silver glitter but here is one like it and I bought a red stripped one that is also out of stock online 🙁
  • Here are some more red ribbon and silver ribbon on amazon similar to what I bought


1.First, you will need to take the pool noodle and glue the ribbon to it I used measuring tape to make sure it was equally spaced.

You will want to make sure you use a long enough table or the floor for this step. The pool noodles are so long they get in the way if you don’t have proper space


2. Fold noodle down to the desired bend and tie fishing line around it to create the curve.I

I tied my fishing line in a circle then held the pool noodle in the curve and slipped it over the noodle.

Using the fishing line its hard to tell its there unless you look closely.

pool noodle candy cane

3. Put a dowel in the ground and place the pool noodle end over it.

If you are in a high wind area you will want to tie it down to the dowel They will move around in the wind.


Giant Candy Cane 

pool noodle giant candy cane

Optional you can add Christmas lights for extra flare at night.


Option 2

1.You can use fabric by cutting it out and making a tube to go around the pool noodle


2. Sew it inside out folded. Make sure you sew the one end completely shut and leave the opposite end open to slid the noodle in.

3.Then pull it back to the right side.


4. Slide the fabric over the pool noodle

candy-canes-6 candy-canes-5

5. Fold noodle down and tie fishing line around it to create the candy cane curve

pool noodle candy cane

6. Put a dowel in the ground and place pool noodle end over it


Option 3

Instead of using ribbon, you can use duct tape. They do have some creative design for duct tape nowadays. I didn’t do this option if I had I would have shown you 🙂

diy pool noodle candy canes