DIY- Darth Vader Mask- Instructions Included

Rogue One is being released soon. Time to build your fun Darth Vader Mask!

My son and I are excited to go to the movie wearing our masks.

Please note these masks aren’t super sturdy it is only paper foam. This is also my own design if you use my idea please give me credit 🙂

Also if your face is longer or wider you will need to adjust the pattern by adding some length or width to the pieces. My head is a child’s size large in hats to give you an idea of how the mask fits 🙂

Things Needed for the project.

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First step

Cut out the pattern for the project or as you are working on it. I tried to label them appropriately so hopefully you understand. You may have to adjust some of the pieces as you go. This pattern is ment to fit a small face.  Here is the link to the PDF pattern DarthVader Mask Pattern

Watch my video for more details on the steps-Note its in two videos and it is my first video ever for youtube so please be kind!

Second Step

Get hot gluing!

Be Careful not to burn your fingers with the hot glue, I may have burned mine a few times.

I started with the face triangle part and built from there. You may want to try it on as you go and adjust for your face.
darth vader diy mask 1darth vader diy mask 2darth vader diy mask 3darth vader diy mask 4darth vader diy mask 6




Third step

Build your helmet next it’s in video 2. I kept trying mine on to make sure it fit right.  In my pattern, I did a short one for children and a longer one for adults. This picture below is of my youngest wearing the shorter one. I did take off a little length from the back he kept knocking it off. My boys love playing dress up so this is just another fun piece to their collection.



Fourth step

Once you have it all glued and togeather you can go around the seams with electrical tape to hide the hot glue seams. Unless you are amazing or don’t care at the hot glue seams then you wouldn’t need to do this step. I wanted mine to look as black and polished as possible.


Fifth step

Now you can attach your hood to the mask. You can hot glue it on or you can use velcro. I used velcro so I could wear the hood separate if I wanted to.

darth vader diy mask 7 darth vader diy mask 8 darth vader diy mask 9


Darth Vader Mask Videos

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