My 5 Months In Review and a Giveaway!

It’s now been 5 months since I started my blog. I have been trying my best to give you good content and follow my life of projects. Thanks for everyone who has been along for the ride I am so happy to share with you.  In order to get my blog more out there, I thought I would share a review of posts for the last 5 months and do a  giveaway to one lucky reader.  So below are the post I have done so far, check them out and don’t forget at the end of this post to enter the drawing for a $25 Lowe’s Gift Card.

Blog Posts From the last 5 Months


October 2016


Build your own life-size Jack skellington                                                         




How to attach your TV antenna to your whole house


Build your own Star wars  Rey staff




November 2016


Make your own Genie Costume                           Diy Insulate your garage door


Redo Entry Table                                                              Build your own BB8


Haunted House Play House                                      Diy Rey Costume


Diy Darth Vader Mask




 December 2016


Giant Candy Cane                                                Plaid Table Runner


Easy envelop pillow plaid black and redCheap Blanket: envelop pillow cover




January 2017


DIY Easy Blanket Scarf                                                How To Wear a Blanket Scarf


31 Younique Gifts for women                                 Present Ideas For Boys


February  2017


Valentines heart and wing door hanger.DIY

Valentines wing and heart door hanger        Painting tips and Tricks



Heart Family Tree and Arrow                           My Experience finding the perfect mattress


March 2017


Beauty and The Beast Flower Dome                   Pokemon Go Cup game



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Pokemon Go Cup Game

So we did a Pokemon go birthday party for my youngest son.  I made this Pokemon Go cup game and thought I would share it with you. The kids had a lot of fun playing it and loved getting their own Pokeball and Pokemon for their prize. All the kids played with the game and the prize for a while it was nice to see them having fun!

Building the Pokemon Ball for the Cups

You will need to cut out ten red circles from construction paper. I used a cup to cut out the circles it was easier to make better circles.

Cut out 5 White circles then you will need to cut them in half.

Cut out 1O small black and white circle for the middle

I then cut out 10 black strips to cover the middle of the ball where the white and red meet


After you get all the pieces cut out here is how you glue them on

First, take the red piece and a white half piece then glue the white onto the red like the picture below.

Next, take a black strip and glue it to the middle where the white and red meet. Picture below shows this.

Now you can glue the small black circle on and the small white on top of it in the middle of the ball. You should have your finished Pokemon paper ball now.

When done attach the ball to a red cup using scotch tape or double sided tape.

I added them togeather like the picture below. I did a row of 4 cups, then a row of 3 cups, then 2 cups, then 1 cup. Similar to beer pong set up just no beer 🙂 You can add some water for stability the cups tip over pretty easy. 

Pokemon ball

Now you can do the ping pong Pokemon character ball.

I used Pokemon confetti with Pokemon characters mixed it’s in the picture below. There were two Pokemon to a confetti piece so I cut them out of the confetti.

Tape the character using clear scotch tape to the ping pong ball.

How to play the Pokemon Go Cup Game “Catch Them All”

I called it  “Catch them all”  So the goal is to get the Pokemon into the “ball” cup. When they get the Pokemon (ping pong ball) into the cup they have caught a Pokemon. We had the kids line up and take a Pokemon ball and each takes a turn until they have caught a Pokemon. Then as their prize, they received a Pokemon ball with a Pokemon in it.

Things you will need for this project this contains affiliate link for your convenience Please see my disclosure for more info.

  1. Construction paper
  2. Glue stick
  3. scissors
  4. red cups
  5. confetti or Pokemon stickers
  6. scotch tape
  7. ping pong ball
  8. prize Optional

This was a fun game and I think my kids will keep it for a while to play it.



Create-Cheap Beauty and The Beast Flower Dome

So I wanted to do a girl post since most of my post have to deal with boys. I created a Beauty and The Beast flower dome. It’s super simple and would be great for a Beauty and The Beast birthday party. It could also be used for a Beauty and The Beast film party 🙂 Beauty and The Beast is one of my all-time favorite movies and I just had to create something 🙂

So here are the steps to create your own cheap flower dome. I made this Dome using a 2-liter soda bottle, dollar store flowers, fishing line, ribbon, and glass circles.

Step One

Cut the bottom of the 2-liter soda bottle. I used a Barq’s rootbeer bottle it was the fanciest I could find.

Step Two

Remove the label from the 2-liter. Then you will want to remove the stickiness from the bottle. I used Goo Gone to remove the stickiness.

Step Three

Take off the lid and the plastic piece that seals the lid onto the bottle.

Step Four

Cut one rose off the flower piece. Now you will need to attach fishing line around the rose. Then take the other end of the fishing line and put it through the top of the lid. Now you can hot glue the fishing line to the outside of the bottle. Your rose should be suspended in the bottle.

Step Five

Take two pieces of the glass circle and glue them togeather. Next, you will need to glue it to the top of the bottle where the lid once was.  Now you can take the ribbon and glue it below the glass to hide the threads for the lid.

Finish Beauty and The Beast Flower Dome

Youtube Video on How to Create Your Own Beauty and The Beast Flower Dome


Searching For A Good Mattress for a Good Price

Sorry, it’s been a while since my last post. My life has kind of taken over. We have been busy working our regular jobs and I just recently finished painting my son’s room. I do have some more exciting content to come. For now, I thought I would write about our experience Monday shopping for a good mattress.

So we decided to start Monday morning president’s day to go out and look for beds. We have had a Tempur-Pedic bed more on the lower end of quality and firm. I can tell you be careful with foam mattresses they do soften a little but after having ours almost 10 years it was still firm. I know it depends on the type you get but they wear out just like any other bed. The higher price tag sometimes isn’t worth it. I did like it not bouncing when someone was on the bed.My husband works occasional nights so it was nice when he would come home he wouldn’t disturb my sleep.

We went with the intention of purchasing a hybrid bed one that was partial foam and individual covered spring coils.  I like things about the foam and I like things about the spring beds so I think getting a hybrid was what we would like more than just the foam or just the coils.

Pros and cons of coils -it is more bouncy and the bed is a lot higher profile than the foam. It tends I feel to hold up a lot longer than the foam.

Pros and cons of foam- It can get hot the foam can break up if you get water or anything on it. It can get flat and the spots you lay in the most will become softer than the rest of the bed.  It’s great for getting in and out of bed because you don’t disturb the other person. You can also get a bed frame that you can move to an upright position.

We went in with around a $1000 budget knowing we would probably spend just a little bit more to get a good bed. We started off at the local mattress store and found a bed we liked, it was about $1400 I thought that we could do better than that with all the president’s day sales out there.The bed  Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Signature Select Vinings 13.5″ Plush Mattress was pretty much one of the only cheaper beds they had. Does anyone hate these type of stores where it’s so small that the sales person just follows you around and doesn’t even let you feel it out? It’s like lay on this bed while I stare at you while you decide what you want not creepy or anything right? Then they try every sales tactic they have been taught to keep you there. This still happened at other stores too but they actually left for a min so we go a breather.

Next, we went to a big furniture store.  They had a lot of Tempur-Pedic beds and other brands even a store brand. The problem we had there was that a lot of the beds were cheaply made and not comfortable or really expensive. We found one for only $1700 that we liked but I wasn’t willing to spend that much on a bed. I feel like a lot of these places nickel and dime you.

Last we went to another big furniture store one I always hesitate to go to because of previous problems. I think we have learned to always pay cash if we can to save any hassles with cards high interest etc. We looked around at a few different beds in our price range. I think the sales guy understood what we were looking for, unlike the other stores which kept showing us high-priced beds. We looked around and found a similar bed as the first store but much cheaper. It was a Beautyrest silver edition that we went with. It was $1000 including mattress, box springs, and free delivery for next day. We did get a mattress protective cover to keep the 10-year warranty. It ended up costing us with tax $1268.

So far I feel good about our purchase I did happen to find some good deals with Wayfair a lot cheaper. It makes me think I should have looked there too. I have attached affiliate links to the ones that were a lot like the one we got. Also, don’t forget to get a waterproof mattress pad to help keep your warranty. We bought one from the store that was around $100 as long as it stays on the mattress it helps keep the 10-year warranty so keep that in mind when buying a mattress. Stains and kid pee can ruin any mattress 🙂

Click on the pictures for more Information. The prices are actually pretty good.

Simmons Beautyrest BeautyRest Recharge Ponder 15.5″ Plush Mattress

Simmons Beautyrest BeautySleep Starfall 14″ Plush Mattress

Simmons Beautyrest BeautyRest Recharge World Class Argos 14.5″ Plush Mattress

Simmons Beautyrest BeautyRest Recharge Soulmate 13.5″ Plush Mattress

Simmons Beautyrest BeautyRest Recharge Soulmate 14.5″ Plush Mattress

Simmons Beautyrest BeautyRest Recharge World Class Coral Reef 13.5″ Plush Mattress

Don’t forget your mattress pads 🙂

Durasoft Waterproof Mattress Pad

Rebrilliant Triple Protection Waterproof Mattress Pad

Triple Protection Waterproof Mattress Pad Size: King


Please see my disclosure for more info on affiliate links.

Thank you and I hope this helps with your search for the perfect mattress. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for sales they can help save you a lot.

Heart Family Tree and Arrow

I received this box of testors stuff as part of a testers challenge from creators studio. They sent me purple and pink Testors enamel paint, red and white paint acrylic paint, 3 pack of paint brushes, small sponge sticks, pink spray paint, red glitter spray paint, silver glitter spray paint, plastic cement glue, black enamel paint marker, and some small wood hearts. They wanted us to use the wood hearts and the items to create something. This post contains affiliate links please see my

This post contains affiliate links please see my disclosure for more info.

How to Make The Heart Family Tree

I started with the wood hearts I painted the two large ones with the pink enamel paint. This type of paint soaks into the wood more like a stain than a paint.

Then I painted the small ones with the purple enamel paint.

I had never used enamel paint before and soon realized you can’t just get the paint off the brush with water. You need to use an acetone or nail polish remover to get the paint off.  It also has a stronger smell than most paints. So I suggest you don’t use it around kids and use it in a well-ventilated area.

Once the hearts dried I added my family members names on the hearts using the enamel marker.

The next thing I did was draw an outline of a tree not the best tree outline 🙂

Next, I took the red paint and the eraser end of a pencil and filled in the tree with red dots.

I added a heart to the tree trunk using the enamel marker.

Once the red paint was dry I took the hearts and glued them to the page. I added some bakers twine around the tree to the hearts.

Then spray painted the thrift store frame with the hot pink spray paint and then I sprayed it with the silver glitter spray paint.

Last I added the tree into the frame.

How To Make the Arrow Heart (super simple)

I used the bigger heart and painted it with the red acrylic paint then added the white acrylic paint dots using the mini sponges.

Then I used a valentines pencil and tied on black and white poke dot tulle and red tulle to the end with the eraser.

After that I cut out red felt fabric in the shape of the heart.

Then I hot glued the pencil and the wood heart on it to get the finished look.

It was great getting to use different products I have never used before. Besides never using enamel paint, black enamel marker, the small sponges, or the plastic cement. I Didn’t end up use the cement for this project but I would like to find something in the future I could use it on.

Sometimes going outside of the box is what we need to find and create new and exciting things.


Please note while I do DIY and tutorials I am by no means a professional please read through each post carefully and consult a professional when needed.  I will not be responsible for injuries or damages while following a tutorial from my site. All tutorials are done at your own risk. Please be safe and smart while doing projects.


13 of the best painting tips and tricks

Hi, Everyone!

So I painted my son’s room in Boston Red Sox colors of course 😉  I thought I would share some painting tips and tricks when it comes to painting that I have learned over the year.  I want to share with you some tricks, tips and some painting items you should have.

This post contains affiliate links, see my disclosure for more info.


Wash your walls first- You have to get dirt, grime, hair, etc off your walls. If you paint over these things it may look uneven, the paint may not stick, you could have bumps etc. it won’t be right. I usually use hot water and soap. Sometimes depend on the crud you will need to use cleaner or a scraper.









Fill in any Holes– You will want to fill in any holes you have. I used premixed wall joint compound. You can sand off the excess or wipe it off with a wet rag. Don’t go overboard with the fill or it will be hard to wipe off later. I cleaned a house once that had like 30 holes filled on a wall they just wiped it on and let it dry it wasn’t even flat with the wall. It took me 3 hours to clean it all of the walls so the painters could paint it was a mess.









Once your walls are dry it’s time to tape- I tape the baseboards and around the trim. I do not tape the ceiling, the reason why is because I use a cutting in technique which I will tell you about next. Make sure when you tape it’s really stuck on the wall or you will have bleeding onto other parts you don’t want it.








For baseboards, you will want to stick the tape on the top edge of the baseboard then turn it down and rub the tape down onto the baseboard. The pictures below show this step.                                                                                                                                                                                             







Wait until the paint is dry before you pull the tape off. You will regret pulling it off too soon. The paint can bleed, it also can just pull the paint off of the wall or you can just make a paint mess with your tape and wet paint.



Make sure your paint is well mixed. If you don’t mix your paint well it will separate causing you to get just a small bit of the actual color etc. Before I even pour the paint from the bucket I mix it. Even if it’s just been an hour or two since my last coat. It’s better to be safe than sorry. You will want to pick up free stirring sticks from your hardware store so you have a few to mix the paint. If you are using a 5-gallon bucket you should invest in a drill bit mixing tool. It makes it go fast and you don’t have to hurt your arms mixing that much paint.



Cutting in– You need to learn to get good at cutting in. When you use the cutting in technique you need to get just a little bit of paint on your brush put it as close as you can to the ceiling then slowly move the bush trying not to get any on the ceiling. when you get good at doing this you save so much time and don’t have to worry about the tape falling off the ceiling. Or even worse most ceilings and walls are not straight where they meet so it can look wonky. Also, make sure you smooth out your paint once I have done up close to the ceiling I take my brush across the bottom and smooth it out.









Paint with the paint brush first-Once you have cut in the ceiling then you will need to go right up next to your edges you have taped off and paint. Basically, you are painting all the edges then filling it in later with the roller. The paint brush I used is a short angle brush I love this paint brush I don’t think I could use any other one after using it.



Get ready to roll-First put down plastic, rolling paint on the wall can sometimes cause the paint to drip or splatter on the floor. You will also want to put your pan down on the plastic for this same reason. Save your floors! When rolling the paint on the wall remember to do a v or w type roll it gets you the best coverage then trying to do it in a line plus if you don’t keep the paint even you can have lines on your walls.









Saving money not buying a new roll-When you are done rolling the paint on and know you will be needing the roll again. You will want to put it in a gallon size zip lock bag and put it in the fridge. Then when you are ready to paint you just unzip it and you can start rolling again. Do this will save you money and time.

You can also use this for your paint brushes too. Sometimes it’s just easier to clean the paint brush every time. I also use a nice roller to roll on my paint the cheap ones you can get.  If you invest in a nice one you will be glad later it’s not as flimsy as others and the grip is usually nicer. Also, the cheap ones can rust a lot easier.









Cleaning your paint Brush– When cleaning your paint brush you will want to run water on it while using a metal wire brush to brush out the paint. I always used to just use water to clean out my brushes and always wondered why after a while it built up yucky paint and stiffened. Using the wire brush gets out the paint that sticks to it. I might be able to keep my good brush for a while now. Spending a lot on a paint brush is worth it if you can keep it.









Use the edger tool on big ceilings-I have really tall vaulted ceilings in our living room and kitchen area. I had stressed over what I was going to do when it came to the ceiling.

I have a fear of ladder heights I can’t go to high without having a panic attack. When I went shopping for painting supplies I found this edger tool that gets close to the ceiling.

I tried it first on a lower wall then moved to the bigger ones. I learned as long as you carefully load the paint not getting any on the rollers or the top part you are golden. You will have to use a painting pole to get it close to the ceiling.


Get a pole for big walls-You will want to get a painter pole that hooks to the end of your roller handle for big walls. I don’t like using them on normal size walls because if you get too low it can kind of take off causing an, oops you don’t want.




Use an oh crap rag– Basically, you will want a half damp/half dry rag for when you really mess up and get something on a wall, ceiling or baseboard you didn’t intend. It’s better to wipe it right away then wait till it drys and you can’t get it off.









Wear painting clothes– You will want to find some clothes you can designate for painting clothes. No matter how hard you try not to get paint on your clothes you will. I promise I thought oh I can be really careful and not get anything on my clothes and sure enough I would get a drop or a mark here or there. ]

Soon I had to just designate a shirt and pants for painting. After using them for so long on painting If I get a spot on my hand etc and have nowhere for the paint to go I wipe it on my pants or shirt.


Things you may need for painting

I hope this helps you become a better painter. I can promise you even using all this I always have a few oops moments and have a little bit of touch up on my son’s walls but I am getting better over time and so will you.


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Valentines Wings and Heart Door Hanger

So I needed something cute for my door I thought I would create a  valentines door hanger. Most of the stuff I have I got from the dollar store which isn’t a bad thing its just they tend to fall apart a lot quicker than most decor. Valentines and Easter are the two holidays I have very little decor for. I think my Halloween and Christmas decor have taken over all my tote’s lol.

I have always been in love with the angel wings but never wanted to spend a lot of money for them. I found a way to make them for cheap from this post. I thought it would be easy to make my own door hanger but in my own way. I used a box we had laying around from when we moved into our house. Even if you had a half sheet of cardboard that would work too. It doesn’t take much cardboard for this Valentine’s wing and heart door hanger.

I also want to point out most of my projects are not completed in a day. Yes, you probably could finish it in a day but I have two little boys and a husband that I love to spend time with. This project has taken me two weeks to finish. The first day I did the base of the project and then it sat in my craft room on the table for a week.  Then I did the joint compound and that sat for a few days to completely dry. Then it was off to final touches of spray paint. I am not a perfect project doer but it gets done eventually. Just know you don’t have to finish stuff in a day it can take time.

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience, please see my disclosure for more info about it.

Items you will need for the project

  1. Cardboard
  2. wall joint compound I bought mine at Wal-Mart already premixed it makes it easier for a project like this. Plus a bonus if you have spots in walls that need filling you have the joint compound to fill them in 🙂
  3. A stick to help with the joint compound I used skewers
  4. Exacto knife and scissors to cut out the pieces
  5. A small piece of 220 grit sand paper
  6. White spray paint
  7. gold spray paint or gold paint optional
  8. A heart for the middle. I had a hard time picking one out but I found the wire one I got from Wal-Mart.

So here are the instructions to create your own. Please forgive me if you look at the pictures I had a hard time freehanding wings 🙂

First step

You will need to cut out the wings base from cardboard. I did my wings attached to each other you can do it all sorts of ways too. I was going to make two separate wings and then connect them in the middle and add the heart. I thought this might be a little easier doing it in one full piece. I used an Exacto knife to cut it out. Using the Exacto knife made it a lot easier than trying to use scissors for this part. I found later on that using scissors was easier on the cutting out the little feathers.


Second step

You will need to cut out long feathers from cardboard. I made a paper templet then drew a bunch on the cardboard to cut out. I used 12 feathers I would suggest maybe up to 14 to fill it in some more.

Third step

Cut out medium feathers. As with the long feathers, I used a paper templet and drew it on the cardboard and cut it out. I cut out 24 of this size.

Fourth Step

Cut out Small feathers. Using a paper templet to draw and cut out. I cut out  44 of these feathers.

Fifth Step

You will need to hot glue the feathers to the wings this helps so the pieces don’t fall off. I glued the long feathers first stacking a few on top. Then I glued the medium feathers down. Last I glued the small feathers down. Starting with the large feathers makes it easier in the long run because you have to stack the smaller feathers on top to create a fuller more 3-D look.

Tip: I added paper around the edge to give it a little bit more fullness when I filled it in with the joint compound.

Sixth step

You will take wall joint compound and cover the front of the wings with it. Once it is covered you can take a stick or toothpick etc. to move the joint compound out and around each feather. You may want to fill in the sides fo the cardboard as well so you don’t see the corrugated cardboard showing.

Seventh Step

Take a small piece of sand paper and sand it down a little bit just the pointed edges of the Joint compound.

Eighth Step

You will want to spray paint it white or any color you want. Me personally I like white wings. You can choose to leave it with the white (colored) or you can spray paint or paint spots gold or silver for extra pizzazz. You can see I added a little gold on the top of the white.

Ninth Step

I added some cute ribbon on the back of the wings to make it more stable on my door. With opening and closing the door I didn’t want it to fall off the door and break. by adding a string or ribbon it helps keep it on the door then if I were to attach it to the middle of the wings. You may come up with something more creative to hold your wings.

I bought the cute heart at Wal-mart  I love it 🙂 You can put any heart in the middle or leave it just with the wings too! No matter what you do it will look so cute!


Finished Project

I am in love with these wings after looking at my door it might be time for a blue door upgrade 🙂 I need a better-looking door this ugly maroon is bugging me so bad. I hope this project isn’t too hard for you. Sometimes the wall joint compound can get messy.  I feel like it takes practice and patience to get to where you feel ok about what you make. I know some of my first projects didn’t turn out the way I wanted them too! I had a lot of thrown away projects lol.


Here are some more post you may like that are like this post

Build your own Jack Skellington 

Build your own BB8


Please note while I do DIY and tutorials I am by no means a professional please read through each post carefully and consult a professional when needed.  I will not be responsible for injuries or damages while following a tutorial from my site. All tutorials are done at your own risk. Please be safe and smart while doing projects.

Present Ideas For Boys Ages 4-7

I wanted to put present ideas togeather mainly so I can have ideas for my youngest son. After searching I found some good things I think he would like. He may even get one for his birthday coming up 😉 I hate shopping for birthdays and Christmas. It’s always the dreaded what do I get them that they would like. I think more recently I have found ordering online works so much better. In our busy life with work and school, it’s hard to make it to the store to buy a present most of the time.

This time of year too with the snow I don’t want to go anywhere. It’s like let me live in my dungeon and cuddle in my blanket. I guess that’s why Bear is in my website name. I feel so close to wanting to hibernate this time of the year and I can see why they do.

Present Ideas

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience, please see my disclosure for more info.

  1. Pokemon ball shooter- My 4-year-old would love this. I am thinking he will want this for his birthday this year!  He also loves these little Pokeball’s that have guys in it. Lots of creative play is done with them 🙂 Seeing all the Pokemon take me back to when I was younger and my brothers were obsessed with it. I think I was just into beauty and the beast more than anything 🙂



2. With the batman movie coming out soon they will all want lego batmans and anything to do with batman. He is the coolest lego guy right! I may even do some post in the future on how to do your own batman dress up stuff so look out for that 🙂

3.Nerf Guns and tons of extra bullets- My kids LOVE Nerf guns! I think in the last few weeks I have picked up more bullets than ever. To hear the laughter and an occasional shot to my body from one is fun!.


4.Basketball Laundry bag-Here is a present even mom would love! I think maybe clothes would be pick up and made a game with it. This one is one of the better ones I have seen.


5.Paper Airplanes- I seriously didn’t think a paper airplane would keep my child entertained for very long. I think most days when we make one he will play for a few hours flying it around the house. I think we have heard more giggles from a paper airplane than any other toy we own.

6.Smartwatch- We bought my son this for Christmas. He loves the little games on it and taking pictures etc

7.Race car track- What boy doesn’t like cars. This one even does flips.

8.We do a lot of camping during the summer on the colder nights my boys would love these plus I could maybe find them in the dark 🙂

9. A wiggle car- We always see neighbor kids and our kids rolling down the sidewalk on them having a blast. This one  I feel like is a must buy if you have a sidewalk or an area they can ride its perfect. Plus on a smooth area it can hold a lot of weight so mom and dad can have a go too!

10. Soccer goals-This is the age where they start getting into sports. I think their favorite sport so far is soccer, for my kids at least


31 Gift ideas for the women in your life!

So I wanted to share some good unique gift ideas to get your wonderful girlfriend, spouse, or special girl 🙂 These Gift ideas for women are something other than chocolate or flowers.  So here are a few different things you can get her.

This is not your typical gift guide 🙂 I will start this off with some very unique things and move to more practical.

This list contains affiliate for your convenience , more more info on affiliate links see my disclosure.

For the lady who loves Halloween like me!

  1. Zombie salt and pepper shakers what!   

2. Coasters

3. Living Dead plush doll

4. Tim Burton toys

5.Who wants to cut pizza the old way now!

6. Chop up some meat the cool way!


Funny things for your funny bone girl!


2. Cute mug  

3. Cute mug

4.This game looks fun and funny

5. This maybe more for a kid but a hand puppet that’s actually cute

6. 2 D messenger bag. These are pretty cool looking


For the cook in your life

1.Cute colorful whisks 

2.Spiral Ninja Vegetable Spiralizer

3.Rubber thongs which are super cute

4. Why not have nessie looking at you while waiting to pour soup!

5.I so need one of these to help me not spill all over the counter 

6. This is pretty cool it’s a salt and pepper grinder in one. 

Gifts ideas for any women

1.I have one of these and love it. It does what it says hot/cold drinks stay that way for a long time.

2.Top 6 essential oils

3. A pretty sparkle bracelet

4.Lego doggie my children and I would love 

5.Cooling wine glasses this would be awesome

6. For those living in cold areas why not a cute beanie 
7.It’s pink camo and a soft blanket two of my personal loves! 

8. A cute purse  

9. Simply cool plant holders

10. Something cute for her desk

11. If she likes to color why not have a cute case 

12. A cute place to hold her rings

13. Shark socks cause sharks

Here is the main pic for the gift ideas for women if you want to pin it 🙂



How To Wear A blanket Scarf

Here are 10  ways on how to wear a blanket scarf. Don’t mind the pictures ahh I don’t model 🙂 This was a cold day too so my husband froze with socks only taking the pics lol.

For a DIY on how to make your own check out my post!

I figured where I did a post on how to create your own scarf you should have different ways to wear it right! Doing this post has helped me wear it different ways too! I hope this inspires you to find fun and creative ways to wear your scarf too. I hope you were able to create your own from my other post.

How To Wear Your Blanket Scarf


Below are the descriptions of the pictures above.From left to right. Top to bottom

From left to right. Top to bottom

  1. Put the scarf in front of you cross in the back and move the sides in front of you.
  2. Hang it around your neck
  3. Drape it across your elbows like a shawl
  4. Hang it around your neck and cross the one side in front of you and on your shoulder
  5. Wrap it in a circle around your neck tucking in the ends
  6. Put the middle of the scarf on your head and wrap the rest in a circle around your neck
  7. put the scarf in front of you allowing the middle to hang down a little longer. Take the extra and wrap the rest around your neck tucking it in
  8. Take the scarf around your neck fan it out over your shoulder allowing extra in the back and the ends in the front. Add a belt around it to secure it.
  9. Tie it put it on like an infinity scarf doing two circles around your neck
  10. tie it and put it on your neck

I hope you like this post it’s nice to have more than one option to wear a blanket scarf. This scarf is so big you could use it as a thin blanket. Think cold office, cold theater, etc.