12 Presents For Boys Ages 7-10

Hi everyone!

Have you ever been stumped on what to get a 7-10-year-old boy?  Where it’s getting close to my sons 8th birthday now I’m wondering what I should get him.  I starting trolling the internet and here is a list of 12 presents you can get your 7 to 10 year old. I think he would like a lot of these and a few he already has. With all the trends going on out there it’s hard to know what children are into these days. So below are the things I know my son has mentioned to me. I hope this helps you as much as it has me.

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12 Presents for Boys Ages 7 to 10

1.Heli ball– These are super fun to play with just watch that you don’t hit your face 🙂 My son got one of these for Christmas he has a fun time playing with it in the house and so do I!

2. Lego Dimensions-This is a fun game you go around trying to get missing people in different areas you build actual legos for the set. Before you can even start playing you have to build the portal and the guys in the kit.  You can also get level packs like ghostbusters. They do carry it on different platforms. I can even play it too lol!

3.Skylanders– This is fun for kids. My children even get along playing it. Also having lots of Skylanders guys help too! We don’t have this Skylanders yet we have the one before the Imaginators. My child won’t let me forget this is one he really really wants.

4.Starwars Legos– My kids can never have enough star wars ever at least that is what they think!

5.A stomp rocket– This would be fun for summer as long as you don’t loose it over the fence 🙂

6. The Lego Ideas Book– A book my boys would actually read!

7. Nerf guns -Who doesn’t love a Nerf War. Although you might want to get safety glasses. We actually have a safety glasses rule in our house. If someone isn’t wearing the safety glasses then you can’t shoot them. The nerf guns now days can cause some damage 🙂

8. An RC Quadcopter- We’ve never had one of these I heard they can be fun or hard to control

9.Razor Scooter-A scooter to get around the razor brand seems to last the longest. Although I think I will end up buying a few over the years kids are hard on outdoor toys.


10.-Dodge Tag-This looks like a fun game. This would be something to get them active and outside when it’s warm.


11.Ninjago book and character-Sorry with all the legos my kids just love them! This is a storybook and Ninjago lego guy. A lot of boys are into these legos. They have a TV show based on the ninjas that have different powers and fight off bad guys.


12. Minecraft game for a tablet or phone.  The game or any Minecraft toy works to fulfill the Minecraft want of a boy. My children love creating things on this game and you can get it for your game system it’s on different platforms. They also have battle mode where you can fight each other while creating things.

This game personally makes me motion sick but I have really bad motion sickness.

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DIY-Easy Shiplap Style Wall

Hi! So I have this wall at the end of my stairs and I never knew what to do with it. I have always loved the look of shiplap/planked walls and wanted to do a few in my house but not go crazy. Last year I bought a bunch of used wood boards thinking I would do a shiplap wall in my living room but after measuring I was short by about 10 boards. To give the texture and love to my basement wall I decided it would be a good area for a shiplap wall. Here is how I installed the shiplap style wall.

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Steps to the Shiplap Style Wall

Step One

Sand all the boards. I only sanded the one side doing both sides would have taken a long time and would have been a waste of time to sand both sides. Just make sure when you put it on the wall that you put the sanded side out towards you.  In addition, sanding helps so there is not as my children say pokey things. It will also help put a smooth coat of paint on if that’s what you want to do.

Note: If your boards have footprints, marker, etc on them sand it down until the marks are gone.


If you are looking to stain the boards you will want to do that before step two. Once the boards are on the wall it will be impossible to stain.

Step Two

Level the bottom

So I took the boards and made sure they would fit ok and as seamless as possible. Where there is a step in the middle of the wall I had to make sure the next boards would fit straight across not overlap or any gaps. So I have I added a little space in between the first boards and the baseboard. Use a level to make sure the bottom boards are level so the rest will be too 🙂

Nail Gun Greatness

Nailing the boards down I took my 18 gauge nail gun to nail them down. I love my nail gun it’s so nice it’s all in one no needing a compressor to make your gun work. Plus with all the safety features it has I feel my kids can’t just pick it up and hurt someone. It does have a tendency to get sticky and you have to clean it but it could just be the brand of nails I am using.If you would like a nail gun like mine here is the link.


Stagger the boards

I nailed the boards going in one direction and cut the end pieces using my miter saw.  The next row I put the boards going on in the other direction basically, you are doing a zigzag on the wall so it creates a staggard effect. Don’t forget to put pennies in between the boards to create a little space.

Here is a picture show you the directions I went. Its in the back and forth all the way to the top

Step Three

Once you have the boards on in your shiplap style you can paint them. I did a white wash paint on my boards. To get this effect you will take your paint and add water to it then brush it on the boards.  You will need a 50/50 water-paint mixture to do a whitewash.You can use as little or as much paint as you want if 50/50 is too much or too little. Wanting to have the grains in the board and the imperfections stick out, I stuck with the 50/50 mixture. You could also stain your boards before you hang them. I have seen a lot of different styles but you pick what suits you best.

Note: With so much water in the paint mixture it’s runny you may want to put down some plastic. I made a mess on my hands, clothes etc. I did have a rag to clean it up which is smart to do when you are painting anyway. Also, keep an eye on places that drip it will have drip spots.

Finished look 

Here is the finished wall with the white wash. Sorry! this picture isn’t the most bright.

Step Four

Style it!

Grab some cute decor or tables to style your shiplap style wall. Here is some cute decor I found at wayfair.com. Now I just need to b

 Please note while I do DIY and tutorials I am by no means a professional please read through each post carefully and consult a professional when needed. I will not be responsible for injuries or damages while following a tutorial from my site. All tutorials are done at your own risk. Please be safe and smart while doing projects.



Dog Bed Made From Old Pillows

DIY Dog Bed

Have you ever wondered what to do with your old pillows? Even after washing them they have the life sucked out of them. I always hate throwing these things away. My dog recently tore apart her bed so was sleeping on dirty clothes in the laundry room poor puppy! After buying new pillows last week I decided we could use the old pillows and make her a new bed.

I had a lot of pink camo fabric from a project I had never done. So I thought why not use this for the dog bed. So I cut out two pieces at 52 inches long and as wide as the fabric. I may have gone a little too big! OOPS. After I had filled it with pillow filling my children exclaimed: “that’s like a big bean bag for the dog holy cow!”

This is a simple Dog bed I promise 🙂

Things you will need

  • Cute fabric
  • Thread
  • Old Clean Pillows

Making Your Dog Bed from Old Pillows

Step One

Take your desired fabric and cut it out to desired length and width. Just make sure you cut out two pieces. I seriously cut ours out so big at 52 inches long. I would maybe do yours a little shorter like 30 or 40 ish inches long for a big dog.

At 52 inches long you could make it like a bean bag and let your kids use it they would be happy about that.

Step Two 

Sew around the edges with the cute side facing in. I sewed in a zig zag to help keep it better togeather. Make sure you leave an opening for the stuffing I left almost 10 inches on the one end.

Step Three

Turn inside out so the cute side is now on the outside.

Step Four

Start stuffing it. I cut the pillow cover and took out the stuffing and put it inside the cover. Make sure you wash the pillows first so you start with clean stuffing. You can also add sawdust into the bed. Most dog beds have sawdust in them.


Step Five

Sew the opening shut.

ENJOY Your dog bed or child bag 🙂 

So my dog wouldn’t look at me to take her picture on the bed. She’s old and grouchy 🙂 the bed is a little lumpy but I expect it to flatten out as the stuffing settles.



Make A Cheap Burlap Runner From an Old Coffee Burlap Bag

Cheap Burlap coffee bag table runner 3

So this seriously was the cheapest project I have done. So we have a local Cal Ranch store in our area that sells lots of different farm/home diy type stuff. I found a while ago they sell old coffee burlap bags for a few dollars each.I bought a few a while back to make some things with them just not sure at the time what to make with them. So when I needed to up my spring decor it was the perfect time to make a burlap runner.

I found some online at amazon if you don’t have any local Cal Ranch stores that sell them.

This post contains affiliate links see my disclosure for more details.

Making Your Cheap Burlap Runner from Old Coffee Burlap bag

Step One

Take the old coffee bag and cut off the back or front side depending on if you want the logo or not 🙂 Try to cut it as straight as you can It will help for the later steps.

Note: when cutting try and keep it on the table if you get burlap on your clothes the fibers are tricky and before you know it you are itching like crazy.

Cheap Burlap coffee bag table runnerCheap Burlap coffee bag table runner 2Cheap Burlap coffee bag table runner 3

Step Two

Now that you have the back piece cut out you will want to fold it and cut it in half.  You will want to fold it so its smaller width wise. I held it tight and cut it down the side.

Cheap Burlap coffee bag table runner 4

Step Three

Sew the two end pieces togeather so it makes a long runner. I have seen short table runners becoming more and more popular so if you want can just use one for a short burlap table runner.

Just sew around the whole thing to keep it from falling apart.

Burlap runner coffee bag 5

Step Four

Cut and even it out to make it straight as possible.

Step Five

Sew around the edge to keep it from fraying a lot.

Burlap runner coffee bag 6

Step Six

Iron it down so it’s flat.You will also have to iron down the seam where you sewed it togeather. Burlap doesn’t like to stay flat so ironing it flat will help so it doesn’t pop up.

Now Add The Burlap Runner to your table.

I seriously think I made this in 15 mins. Now that I have my table all put togeather I love it. I hope you do too!


DIY-Easy Moss Balls Decor Step By Step

Moss Balls Diy Decor

Today I am going to show you how to make your own easy moss balls. Personally, I have seen cute moss balls all over but the problem is they cost so much. With what I was going for I needed to get a variety of sizes but didn’t want to pay the high price tag of buying them all. I found a package of smaller moss balls and some moss for pretty cheap. Searching Pinterest I never found what they used to apply on the foam for the moss to stick.There were a lot of posts listed as DIY but I had a hard time of finding the one I needed.

Through trial and error, I found mod podge didn’t work well but hot glue did. Just so you are aware hot glue does melt the styrofoam a little but the moss covers it up so it’s not bad at all.  This is part of the reason I started my blog I wanted, to be honest, and show thing that worked and didn’t work for me.

This is part of the reason I started my blog I wanted to be honest and show thing that worked and didn’t work for me.

Here are pictures of me trying the mod podge. As you can see with the last picture the moss just wanted to fall off. If mod podge is the only thing you have you can use it just wait for dry time and use burlap string to hold it on better. I personally like the hot glue it holds a lot better.

















This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more details.

Making Your Moss balls

Step One

I choose these smaller styrofoam balls mainly because I didn’t have any small ones and they are easy to put in a jar. You can use a variety of styrofoam balls for your moss balls. Take your styrofoam ball add glue then put on the moss.

Take your styrofoam ball add hot glue on the ball. Then take the ball and put it in your pile of moss picking up moss on your hot glue. Let it dry for a few seconds before you push the moss on the ball more. You don’t want to burn yourself. Repeat until the ball is covered completely in moss.


 Step Two 

Once it is all dry shake off any excess moss. Now you are done making the moss balls 🙂


Step Three

Add them to cute vases, bowls, etc.


A Different type Moss balls

So I wanted to show you another type of moss balls you can do it’s the same steps the only thing different is the moss. This moss is more of a sponge moss then a stringy moss like the ones above.

These ones you do have to glue on the pieces rather than put the glue on the ball then dip in moss.

Step One

put hot glue on the ball add the piece of moss. Then you will need to glue down any edges. Continue until you have the styrofoam ball all covered

Step Two 

Add them in a cute vase. I have some affiliate links for some cute ones below



Items you will need

  1. Styro Foam Balls
  2. Hot Glue Gun and Sticks
  3. Moss and more moss

Here are some cute vases and bowls I found on wayfair.com that would be perfect for your decor. I am in love with my wood Dough bowl

Cole & Grey 3 Piece Metal Wire Basket Set

Oval Recycled Glass Balloon Vase Color: Clear

Glass Cylinder Vase Size: 4″ H x 6″ W x 6″ D

Wood Carved Bowl

Teak Wood Ship Decorative Bowl

Old Wood Dough Bowl


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My 5 Months In Review and a Giveaway!

It’s now been 5 months since I started my blog. I have been trying my best to give you good content and follow my life of projects. Thanks for everyone who has been along for the ride I am so happy to share with you.  In order to get my blog more out there, I thought I would share a review of posts for the last 5 months and do a  giveaway to one lucky reader.  So below are the post I have done so far, check them out and don’t forget at the end of this post to enter the drawing for a $25 Lowe’s Gift Card.

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Creative Mommy Bear Gift Card Giveaway

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Pokemon Go Cup Game

So we did a Pokemon go birthday party for my youngest son.  I made this Pokemon Go cup game and thought I would share it with you. The kids had a lot of fun playing it and loved getting their own Pokeball and Pokemon for their prize. All the kids played with the game and the prize for a while it was nice to see them having fun!

Building the Pokemon Ball for the Cups

You will need to cut out ten red circles from construction paper. I used a cup to cut out the circles it was easier to make better circles.

Cut out 5 White circles then you will need to cut them in half.

Cut out 1O small black and white circle for the middle

I then cut out 10 black strips to cover the middle of the ball where the white and red meet


After you get all the pieces cut out here is how you glue them on

First, take the red piece and a white half piece then glue the white onto the red like the picture below.

Next, take a black strip and glue it to the middle where the white and red meet. Picture below shows this.

Now you can glue the small black circle on and the small white on top of it in the middle of the ball. You should have your finished Pokemon paper ball now.

When done attach the ball to a red cup using scotch tape or double sided tape.

I added them togeather like the picture below. I did a row of 4 cups, then a row of 3 cups, then 2 cups, then 1 cup. Similar to beer pong set up just no beer 🙂 You can add some water for stability the cups tip over pretty easy. 

Pokemon ball

Now you can do the ping pong Pokemon character ball.

I used Pokemon confetti with Pokemon characters mixed it’s in the picture below. There were two Pokemon to a confetti piece so I cut them out of the confetti.

Tape the character using clear scotch tape to the ping pong ball.

How to play the Pokemon Go Cup Game “Catch Them All”

I called it  “Catch them all”  So the goal is to get the Pokemon into the “ball” cup. When they get the Pokemon (ping pong ball) into the cup they have caught a Pokemon. We had the kids line up and take a Pokemon ball and each takes a turn until they have caught a Pokemon. Then as their prize, they received a Pokemon ball with a Pokemon in it.

Things you will need for this project this contains affiliate link for your convenience Please see my disclosure for more info.

  1. Construction paper
  2. Glue stick
  3. scissors
  4. red cups
  5. confetti or Pokemon stickers
  6. scotch tape
  7. ping pong ball
  8. prize Optional

This was a fun game and I think my kids will keep it for a while to play it.

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Create-Cheap Beauty and The Beast Flower Dome

So I wanted to do a girl post since most of my post have to deal with boys. I created a Beauty and The Beast flower dome. It’s super simple and would be great for a Beauty and The Beast birthday party. It could also be used for a Beauty and The Beast film party 🙂 Beauty and The Beast is one of my all-time favorite movies and I just had to create something 🙂

So here are the steps to create your own cheap flower dome. I made this Dome using a 2-liter soda bottle, dollar store flowers, fishing line, ribbon, and glass circles.

Step One

Cut the bottom of the 2-liter soda bottle. I used a Barq’s rootbeer bottle it was the fanciest I could find.

Step Two

Remove the label from the 2-liter. Then you will want to remove the stickiness from the bottle. I used Goo Gone to remove the stickiness.

Step Three

Take off the lid and the plastic piece that seals the lid onto the bottle.

Step Four

Cut one rose off the flower piece. Now you will need to attach fishing line around the rose. Then take the other end of the fishing line and put it through the top of the lid. Now you can hot glue the fishing line to the outside of the bottle. Your rose should be suspended in the bottle.

Step Five

Take two pieces of the glass circle and glue them togeather. Next, you will need to glue it to the top of the bottle where the lid once was.  Now you can take the ribbon and glue it below the glass to hide the threads for the lid.

Finish Beauty and The Beast Flower Dome

Youtube Video on How to Create Your Own Beauty and The Beast Flower Dome


Searching For A Good Mattress at a Good Price

Sorry, it’s been a while since my last post. My life has kind of taken over. We have been busy working our regular jobs and I just recently finished painting my son’s room. I do have some more exciting content to come. For now, I thought I would write about our experience Monday shopping for a good mattress.

So we decided to start Monday morning president’s day to go out and look for beds. We have had a Tempur-Pedic bed more on the lower end of quality and firm. I can tell you be careful with foam mattresses they do soften a little but after having ours almost 10 years it was still firm. I know it depends on the type you get but they wear out just like any other bed. The higher price tag sometimes isn’t worth it. I did like it not bouncing when someone was on the bed.My husband works occasional nights so it was nice when he would come home he wouldn’t disturb my sleep.

We went with the intention of purchasing a hybrid bed one that was partial foam and individual covered spring coils.  I like things about the foam and I like things about the spring beds so I think getting a hybrid was what we would like more than just the foam or just the coils.

Pros and cons of coils -it is more bouncy and the bed is a lot higher profile than the foam. It tends I feel to hold up a lot longer than the foam.

Pros and cons of foam- It can get hot the foam can break up if you get water or anything on it. It can get flat and the spots you lay in the most will become softer than the rest of the bed.  It’s great for getting in and out of bed because you don’t disturb the other person. You can also get a bed frame that you can move to an upright position.

We went in with around a $1000 budget knowing we would probably spend just a little bit more to get a good bed. We started off at the local mattress store and found a bed we liked, it was about $1400 I thought that we could do better than that with all the president’s day sales out there.The bed  Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Signature Select Vinings 13.5″ Plush Mattress was pretty much one of the only cheaper beds they had. Does anyone hate these type of stores where it’s so small that the sales person just follows you around and doesn’t even let you feel it out? It’s like lay on this bed while I stare at you while you decide what you want not creepy or anything right? Then they try every sales tactic they have been taught to keep you there. This still happened at other stores too but they actually left for a min so we go a breather.

Next, we went to a big furniture store.  They had a lot of Tempur-Pedic beds and other brands even a store brand. The problem we had there was that a lot of the beds were cheaply made and not comfortable or really expensive. We found one for only $1700 that we liked but I wasn’t willing to spend that much on a bed. I feel like a lot of these places nickel and dime you.

Last we went to another big furniture store one I always hesitate to go to because of previous problems. I think we have learned to always pay cash if we can to save any hassles with cards high interest etc. We looked around at a few different beds in our price range. I think the sales guy understood what we were looking for, unlike the other stores which kept showing us high-priced beds. We looked around and found a similar bed as the first store but much cheaper. It was a Beautyrest silver edition that we went with. It was $1000 including mattress, box springs, and free delivery for next day. We did get a mattress protective cover to keep the 10-year warranty. It ended up costing us with tax $1268.

So far I feel good about our purchase I did happen to find some good deals with Wayfair a lot cheaper. It makes me think I should have looked there too. I have attached affiliate links to the ones that were a lot like the one we got. Also, don’t forget to get a waterproof mattress pad to help keep your warranty. We bought one from the store that was around $100 as long as it stays on the mattress it helps keep the 10-year warranty so keep that in mind when buying a mattress. Stains and kid pee can ruin any mattress 🙂

Click on the pictures for more Information. The prices are actually pretty good.

Simmons Beautyrest BeautyRest Recharge Ponder 15.5″ Plush Mattress

Simmons Beautyrest BeautySleep Starfall 14″ Plush Mattress

Simmons Beautyrest BeautyRest Recharge World Class Argos 14.5″ Plush Mattress

Simmons Beautyrest BeautyRest Recharge Soulmate 13.5″ Plush Mattress

Simmons Beautyrest BeautyRest Recharge Soulmate 14.5″ Plush Mattress

Simmons Beautyrest BeautyRest Recharge World Class Coral Reef 13.5″ Plush Mattress

Don’t forget your mattress pads 🙂

Durasoft Waterproof Mattress Pad

Rebrilliant Triple Protection Waterproof Mattress Pad

Triple Protection Waterproof Mattress Pad Size: King


Please see my disclosure for more info on affiliate links.

Thank you and I hope this helps with your search for the perfect mattress. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for sales they can help save you a lot.

Heart Family Tree and Arrow

I received this box of testors stuff as part of a testers challenge from creators studio. They sent me purple and pink Testors enamel paint, red and white paint acrylic paint, 3 pack of paint brushes, small sponge sticks, pink spray paint, red glitter spray paint, silver glitter spray paint, plastic cement glue, black enamel paint marker, and some small wood hearts. They wanted us to use the wood hearts and the items to create something. This post contains affiliate links please see my

This post contains affiliate links please see my disclosure for more info.

How to Make The Heart Family Tree

I started with the wood hearts I painted the two large ones with the pink enamel paint. This type of paint soaks into the wood more like a stain than a paint.

Then I painted the small ones with the purple enamel paint.

I had never used enamel paint before and soon realized you can’t just get the paint off the brush with water. You need to use an acetone or nail polish remover to get the paint off.  It also has a stronger smell than most paints. So I suggest you don’t use it around kids and use it in a well-ventilated area.

Once the hearts dried I added my family members names on the hearts using the enamel marker.

The next thing I did was draw an outline of a tree not the best tree outline 🙂

Next, I took the red paint and the eraser end of a pencil and filled in the tree with red dots.

I added a heart to the tree trunk using the enamel marker.

Once the red paint was dry I took the hearts and glued them to the page. I added some bakers twine around the tree to the hearts.

Then spray painted the thrift store frame with the hot pink spray paint and then I sprayed it with the silver glitter spray paint.

Last I added the tree into the frame.

How To Make the Arrow Heart (super simple)

I used the bigger heart and painted it with the red acrylic paint then added the white acrylic paint dots using the mini sponges.

Then I used a valentines pencil and tied on black and white poke dot tulle and red tulle to the end with the eraser.

After that I cut out red felt fabric in the shape of the heart.

Then I hot glued the pencil and the wood heart on it to get the finished look.

It was great getting to use different products I have never used before. Besides never using enamel paint, black enamel marker, the small sponges, or the plastic cement. I Didn’t end up use the cement for this project but I would like to find something in the future I could use it on.

Sometimes going outside of the box is what we need to find and create new and exciting things.


Please note while I do DIY and tutorials I am by no means a professional please read through each post carefully and consult a professional when needed.  I will not be responsible for injuries or damages while following a tutorial from my site. All tutorials are done at your own risk. Please be safe and smart while doing projects.